Four Evidences for Aliens and UFOs in Earth’s History

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Four different types of evidence of Aliens and UFOs. Historical stories and artwork which provides more evidence for the reality of UFOs and Aliens.

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What this book is all about

In this book I present the reader with four sources of proof that Aliens and UFOs have been on the Earth for not only thousands, but millions of years.

The first source is about Giants existing on this Earth not only thousands, but millions of years ago. It was before humanity existed. Giant footprints have been found in stone in many cases which is strong evidence that Alien Giants existed back then who walked the Earth.

The second source is Objects which are in the wrong places and times. I’ve presented a group of them from my other books. My favorite example is the chariot wheel in the ceiling of a coal mine which must be millions of years old. Some intelligent being created it and again it was well before humanity existed.

The third piece of evidence has to do with stories from ancient documents like the Ramayana, or the Bible of stories which seem to be about aliens and spaceships as described by primitive peoples who had no knowledge of science and technology.

Lastly, I’ve collection pictures of various art. All the way from cave paintings, to oil paintings, frescoes, and even bah relief sculptures which show clear pictures of UFOs and aliens.

I hope you enjoy the evidence collected here and if you are already knowledgeable about this subject maybe you will see something new.

The Table of Contents Includes many fascinating Chapters:

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 Ancient Giant Aliens on Earth   
2.1 A Giant Footprint   
2.2 Human Footprints 150 Million Years Old   
2.3 More Giant Footprints   
3.0 Strange Objects Which Should Not Exist   
3.1 Mortar and Pestal-33 to 55 Million Years Old   
3.2 Iron Pot from Oklahoma-312 Million Years Old   
3.3 The London Hammer-400 to 500 Million Years Old   
3.4 The Nampa Figurine (2 Million Years Old)   
3.5 Screw Object Inside Stone (300 Million Years Old)   
3.6 Wheel in Coal Mine- 300 Million Years Old   
4.0 Aliens and UFOs In Recorded in History   
4.1 In the Ramayana   
4.2 Book of Genesis and Enoch   
4.3 Legends of the Annunaki   
4.4 Ezekiel and the flying machine   
4.5 The Irish Book of Invasions   
4.6 The Dogon Tribe in Africa   
4.7 Native American’s Star People   
4.8 UFO Sightings by the Puritans   
4.9 Sightings in the Nineteenth Century   
5.0 Artwork and Paintings   
5.1 Paintings on Stone walls in Northern Italy   
5.2 A fresco entitled "The Crucifixion"   
5.3 Nazca Drawings   
5.4 The Baptism of Christ 1710   
5.5 The Annunciation with Saint Emidius   
5.6 Madonna with Saint Giovannino 15th Century   
5.7 French Cave Painting 13,000 BC   
5.8 Tassili, Sahara Desert, Algeria   
5.9 A Space Traveler in Ancient Maya Bah-Relief   
5.10 A Painting from a Transylvanian Monastery   
6.0 Summary   
7.0 Bibliography   
8.0 Index   

The Baptism of Christ 1710 A.D.

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