Removing Illusions to Find True Happiness

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Happiness is something we are all searching for but few find. Finding happiness should be a high priority in life. This book covers the history of the search for happiness, what happiness is, illusions in the search for it, and how to achieve true happiness.

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What in the world does happiness have to do with Illusions?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to ALWAYS be happy… and have a genuine, honest smile on your face no matter what happens?

Have you ever experienced a rough patch in your life where you just HATED life or the people around you? Days and weeks of feeling like you didn’t want to get out of bed… because you were devastated, discouraged and unsatisfied with your life?

Almost as if you were sentenced to some sort of hell on earth?

Maybe you hate your 9 to 5, your relationship is on the rocks, your bills are past due, seems like you just want to pull your hair out — because all the pressures of life are caving in and you have nowhere to turn?

I have. And I wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worst enemy.

Like many of you, I’ve been searching for happiness my whole life. The kind of happiness that no one can take from me. Happiness in all areas of my life: financially, emotionally, spiritually and through my relationships. You’ve seen people like this. They’re all over the place. You could hit them with a stick and they’d still smile.

These are men and women who are very emotionally stable and know how to maneuver through life’s challenges like a pro! But they’re no different than you or me. They know the secret of happiness… and know how to manage their “reality illusion”.

In other words… they weren’t trapped in a psychological prison of their reality (even if they DID have a bad day) because they understand whatever caused them to have a “bad day” was really, just a sort of illusion.

Don’t worry. I’ll explain this more in a second, but it’s a pretty powerful concept when you think about it. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t master this art.

It took a while, but I finally learned how to experience, real, deep happiness.

Now as an author and website owner, I have one of the #1 books on achieving happiness. Thousands of people visit my website every day to learn the step-by-step method to increasing their happiness and well being.

This method has nothing to do with yoga… or some weird, mystical “secret” to force yourself to feel happy. None of those things will make you happy, let alone give you long lasting happiness.

The method I teach is based on real scientific data (most people don’t know about) and my own life experience. Experiences before I learned how to be happy. My life was a miserable hell. If you want to know the real reasons why happiness is so “far” from most people, then I will tell you in just a few minutes.

I’ll show you the exact methods you can use to achieve long-lasting happiness, regardless of where you are, how old you are or what you may be going through right now.

It will feel as if I just turned on the light for you.

But first, let me explain a little bit about this happiness secret. See, in my teenage years I was very isolated and considered suicide at one point. I realized that I needed to learn more about myself and how to be happier with my life to live a productive and emotionally worthwhile existence.

This led me to studying religion, metaphysics, philosophy, and meditation.

Over a period or years I started to realize that most of us are confused about what happiness is, and how to achieve it.Why do I say that? Well, let me ask you a question. “What are you doing when you’re usually happy?”
I’m pretty sure you’re with someone else or actively doing something in a positive environment.

How to Be TRULY Happy Even When Everything Around You is Going Wrong

But I’m guessing you’ve probably never been taught how to actually be happy while you’re COMPLETELY alone or going through an unfavorable situation. The reason we RARELY experience true happiness is because of illusions
That probably sounds a little strange (because most people don’t teach this), but let me explain more of what I mean. There are certain illusions we maintain about Reality, and our ability to achieve peace and stillness. Lasting happiness is not dependent on the people around us; it is internal and depends on your connection with your eternal spirit.

Each of us has an immortal spirit which is clouded by our thoughts and emotions and the illusions of the Ego.

What’s an illusion?

An illusion is deception. The state or fact of being intellectually misled. In other words, it means that a person is not perceiving something correctly.

The KEY is to realize that the Ego where most of us are focused day to day creates our problems and illusions.

These illusions confuse us about how we can achieve real happiness. Being centered in the spirit is the route to true happiness. You can accomplish this journey whether you are a Christian, non believer or any other religion.

In order to destroy these illusions — keep them from blocking you from the happiness you truly deserve — you must understand them. Only then can you unlock the true power of happiness that awaits you.

My book “Removing Illusions to Find True Happiness” reveals fundamental principles to achieve long, lasting happiness.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

• The key to become a calm and peaceful person in most any and every situation

• How to see authentic reality of situations which our egos normally misunderstand (for example… many of your daily issues aren’t nearly as complicated as they may seem… your EGO is magnifying problems and minimizing your happiness!)

• What “illusions” are and how to let go of them, so you feel a real pure happiness as you become more centered

• How Thomas Jefferson, Sigmund Freud, The Dalai Lama, Jesus, Plato have all searched for true happiness.. And what each of them found (and how you can apply this to your own personal life)

• Why Your “EGO” makes it nearly impossible to achieve real happiness (once you understand this concept, you’ll have an eye-opening awakening) and how to reduce ego to rapidly boost your satisfaction and fulfillment in life!

• What an “illusion” is and how removing them, can help you double, triple or even quadruple the happiness you experience in any personal relationship

• 33 ways to recognize true happiness - you’ll recognize at least 14 of them without even thinking about it. But you’ve probably never looked at “happiness” in this surefire, guaranteed way before.

• And much more.

In this 98 page book I’ll reveal everything you need to know about your inner-self, so you can have total mastery over your ego and finally achieve the happiness you’ve been dreaming of.

Why reading this book may completely change your life overnight

Well, Imagine this. Imagine going through a nasty divorce with a RUDE spouse, or dealing with a custody battle over 3 small children, or losing your $45,000 yearly job salary. Now imaging if you had to deal with all of these issues at the same time!

Could you still smile then? Could you still be a fun and loving person to be around then?

That’s the question. But when you develop the skills I will teach you today, you can achieve peace and calmness even if your life were shipwrecked. Of course if your life is already perfect, it can get a whole lot better.

When I say peace and calmness, I mean freedom from worry and stress (that would just lead to more stress, depression and frustration).

Everyone is looking for something they can learn or read to become more happy. There are millions of books on "happiness" but very few of them will give you a simple english explanation of how to achieve happiness starting from this very moment.

Happiness is something you can feel RIGHT NOW. It’s something you should experience RIGHT NOW. In this moment. You should carry it with you minute to minute, hour by hour. You deserve to experience real happiness. But you probably haven’t been taught the correct way to achieve happiness.
Fortunately, my book covers everything you need to know to cultivate the habits of happiness in your everyday life. And many of my readers ask…

“Even if I COULD be more happy… how do I know this book will give me results?”

Great question. Even though I have a lot of opinions about happiness, I’ve done the research to back up every claim I make. I’m not pulling this information out of the sky. I’m giving you facts based on scientific, psychological and clinical data that’s been collected over the span of 10 years. But you won’t be left reading a science book.

Removing Illusions to find True Happiness has a wealth of information from many historical figures and other studies on happiness. I’ve written this book to give you practical advice on how to achieve happiness.

I also highlight specific steps and techniques to help you make immediate progress to increase your happiness.
And let me tell you… if I can overcome suicidal thoughts —— and help thousands of other men and women overcome depression, divorce, bankruptcy, child custody battles and homelessness… this book might be worth a read.

My book shows that when you improve yourself spiritually, you will gain much more in your life than you ever thought possible. And I can prove it to you with a GUARANTEE.

Try my book if it doesn’t help you achieve real happiness.

Just try the principles in my book for the next 60 days. That's a full two months. Read over the materials, read the first 10 pages tonight. See if you don't feel more happy just by reading the first 10 pages.

If you apply the principles in this book, I GUARANTEE you will feel happier with more peace, more calmness and more fulfillment with your life within 60 days... ... or your money back!

If you're not satisfied... for any reason (or no reason at all), then simply contact me anytime within the next 8 weeks and I'll give you a full refund.

I promise to help you live in TOTAL happiness everyday. If my book doesn't help, I can not accept your money. That would defeat the purpose of the book. I make this risk-free offer because I know you'll be better off once you start reading the book.

To get started, simply click one of the options below. Your download will begin even if it's 2AM in the morning!
Here is some of the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: A History of the Search for Happiness   
Chapter 2: Lack of Happiness is due to illusions   
Chapter 3: What is an illusion?   
Chapter 4: Do we even know what happiness is?   
Chapter 5: The Spiritual, Energy, and Physical Bodies   
Chapter 6: The Ego makes true happiness impossible   
Chapter 7: How Illusions are caused by the Ego   
Chapter 8: Illusions due to Fear   
Chapter 10: Illusions in Personal Relationships   
Chapter 11: Severe Boredom, Depression and Suicidal feelings   
Chapter 12: Illusions in Education   
Chapter 13: Illusions in your Job, Career, or Business   
Chapter 14: Illusions of Nationality & Freedoms
Chapter 15: Illusions in Religion or Philosophical Beliefs   
Chapter 16: Limited Lifespan is an Illusion   
Chapter 17: The Reality Illusion   
Chapter 18: Understanding Stillness and How to Remove Illusions   
Chapter 19: Recognizing True  Happiness   


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