1)   What is the most valuable thing everyone should know about this site?


That this site was built with a focus on serving Spiritual Seekers and those interested in the unusual.

We have a wide variety of books, audios, and videos on many subjects which should be of your interest.

2)How do I buy books and other products on this site?


Most pages have purchase links at the bottom of the page where you can click on a button to buy a book in a particular format.


You can also click the CART icon on each page to purchase or see the total books available on this site.

All purchases can be made online with credit cards and many with other purchase options too.

3) Are there Bonuses for purchasing from this website?


Every purchase from this website is eligible for free bonus ebooks.


Our Premium books all have the bonus links on the download pages.


Read more about our Bonus Pack Offer for other purchases


4) What is the goal of this website?


This is also stated on the About Page.


Martin Ettington originally built this website to sell his own books on Metaphysics.

Then he realized that he could also provide a larger set of services for spiritual seekers and those interested in paranormal subjects.

Therefore, the website has been expanded to offer related products and services to help seekers with their spiritual growth.

5) Who do I contact if I have more questions or want additional information?


You can email me at