Enlightenment for Newbies (Formerly "Enlightenment for Dummies")

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An overview of the subject of enlightenment. A step by step review of history, what it is, and how to get there. Also includes lots of personal stories of enlightenment as examples.


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To Those interested in Enlightenment

This book is for anyone who wants to understand what enlightenment is all about… and how to experience enlightenment in their own life. 

My opinion is that anyone interested in enlightenment must be very smart overall. But, enlightenment is Different than Most People Think.

There is a big misunderstanding by many on what really happens when a person is enlightened.
Most people think it takes years of commitment and is really a lot of work. Most of us like the idea of being enlightened, living at a high state of spirituality where there’s maximum freedom, happiness and fulfillment with life.
But… there’s the thought of “That’s nice but I’m pretty busy now and I don’t want to take all that time out of my life”.
It’s true that enlightenment may may not happen all at once but gradually. It may not be a cosmic consciousness experience. But enlightenment can be experienced by almost anyone — and despite what you may think, it doesn’t take years to experience.

In fact, all of us are already enlightened.

I realize this is a bold statement. That’s why, fully understanding the above statement is half the battle. If you’re serious about becoming enlightened, you’ve come to the right page. This is an  overview of the subject of enlightenment. In the next few minutes, I’ll tell you what enlightenment really is and the exact steps you must take to get there.

But first let me explain…

What is Enlightenment and Why do People Want this Spiritual State?

The most popular image in the west about Enlightenment was the character Tyrone Power played in the movie “The Razor’s Edge” made in 1946 and was remade with Bill Murray in 1984.

The story is of a man looking for fulfillment who finally goes to India. There he finds an Indian Master and stays there for years. He lives in the mountains for a long time and finally becomes enlightened.

On TV we’ve seen pictures of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi  or other spiritual teachers and prophets who have large organizations and students who study with them for many years. They are famous for their teachings and well respected by leaders in business and government.

Christian monks live in Monasteries most of their lives. Occasionally we hear about one of them who is so saintly that he is renowned throughout the land. It seems he must have prayed everyday for years to finally reach peace with God.
Many of these stories may have some truth in them, but they foster a serious misunderstanding about what Enlightenment is and how to get here. How do I know?

I’ve spent my life studying Religions and Spiritual growth philosophies. I’ve also belonged to several occult groups and have learned and read many techniques to improve your life and it’s length.

As an engineer I’m also very careful analyzing my experiences, data, and sources to make sure they are valid paranormal Groups for Joining, Discussions, Training, or Support.

But I’ve discovered something very interesting…

Your Ego is What’s Causing You to Live an Unfulfilled, Unhappy Life

There are of course many religions, philosophies, organizations, and books all written over thousands of years to help you reach enlightenment.  But almost none of them can help you reach enlightenment.
Many books try to describe what enlightenment is but words fail to describe a state of being that one has to experience to achieve any understanding.

In fact, for most people, reaching enlightenment is nearly impossible. It’s like trying to get a doctor’s degree at a 2 year college. Everybody knows it takes more than 2 years to become a doctor. It takes years of meticulous study. It takes grueling hours of research and study.

This is sad reality for people in search of enlightenment. And the reason it’s difficult is because your ego is controlling you.

It’s not intentional on your part. It’s almost entirely automatic! It takes special training (which I will give you inside this book) to turn off this automatic ego system.

Otherwise, your ego causes you to swim in thoughts and emotions that keep you trapped in a state that of self-satisfaction. But here’s the ironic twist.

Your ego can never be satisfied! Simply because your ego is simply an illusion of your true self). Therefore, you can NOT experience enlightenment until you diminish your relation to ego.

How do you stop listening to your ego and experience enlightenment? Amazingly, the truth hides in plain sight. When we learn to set aside our Ego and live centered in our spirit we experience enlightenment.

I’ve created a book that answers this question, explores this subject in depth, breaks down the answers and makes it kindergarten simple for almost anyone to understand. The name of this book is:

Enlightenment for Dummies

This book helps you understand what enlightenment is, the fastest and easiest way to experience it, and the benefits of being enlightened.

This book condenses knowledge that would take you years of frustration, toil and confusion to learn independently on your own. Not only will you accelerate your journey towards enlightenment, but you’ll quickly enjoy a level of happiness far beyond what you experience today — simply by following these principles I’ve outlined.

 In my book you will learn the following:

  • The history of the search for enlightenment (Once you understand the history, you’ll understand how to reach enlightenment easier and faster than ever before!)
  • Misconceptions of what enlightenment is — simple “facts” you’ve been taught since childhood that cause frustration and lack of “fulfillment” in your life.
  • A simple theory of how our spirit, energy, and physical bodies work together to reach enlightenment
  •  How your ego — thoughts and emotions — keep you from experiencing the reality necessary to achieve greater happiness
  • How to reach stillness and have total peace, real happiness that expands many fold.
  • Meditation and Stillness techniques that actually work
  • 8 proven steps to reaching Enlightenment — these are simple steps that no one else has outlined or documented - but are 100% guaranteed to work.
  • Personal stories of enlightenment
  • 6 ways to find enlightenment that cost you years of wasted effort and sacrifices (and the 1 proven way to easily become enlightened in a fraction of the time!)

How to Shift Your Reality and Achieve  Maximum Happiness and Enlightenment

Illusions are a Main Part of the Problem. I’ve written about Illusions elsewhere such as my book “Removing Illusions to Find True Happiness”.

Our Illusions about ourselves and our world are caused by our Ego. By removing those illusions and getting closer to our eternal spirit, we start to reach higher states of enlightenment.

Many Sages, Saints, enlightened persons, and books of wisdom claim that the greatest illusion of all is that the reality we perceive is really a dream.

In other words… you reading this page, going to your day job, spending time with family, driving your car and wanting needing love… everything in your entire life, is a dream!

When we learn to escape from the dream, we can understand ourselves and the universe we live in. There are many quotes I can refer to on the illusionary nature of reality such as:

Heaven in Earth .. confined to the deep unconscious realms ..

Consensus belief says that what you see and what you feel is your reality.- Shamballah
We know that there is not one space and one time only, but that there are as many spaces and times as there are subjects.-Jacob von Uexkull You are the entire universe.

You are in all, and all is in you. Sun, moon, and stars revolve within you- Swami Muktananda,
And the Ashtavakra Gita, a highly venerated Indian text, states: The Universe produced phenomenally in me, is pervaded by me… From me the world is born, in me it exists, in me it dissolves. But here’s…

The Secret of Achieving Enlightenment

For starters, enlightenment is not about “feeling spiritual” because that is another trap of the Ego. True enlightenment is finding a state of “stillness” or “peace”. This is done by a variety of stillness techniques and meditation.

When I say enlightenment I mean the type defined by the Buddha, or in other eastern religions where one achieves peace and oneness with the underlying consciousness of the universe.

Christianity and other Western religions also have the same goal although it may not be as clearly stated. Note quotes from the Bible on peace and stillness as recognizing this state of being.

There are also many beneficial side effects from learning to live in the spirit. This is since our total being is really composed of our spirit, an energy body, and physical bodies which all work together to determine our state of health.
No one else teaches this. I cover these principles thoroughly in my book Enlightenment for Dummies. Inside, you’ll learn that our spirit is really part of the universal consciousness that exists outside of time and space.

Once you are taught the correct way to reduce your ego, reduce your illusions, you can begin a gradual process (that’s faster than any existing process) to achieve enlightenment.

Full enlightenment can come at anytime, without any effort.

This book will guide you through the exact steps so you can become more centered. You’ll be able to go through life in a way that’s distinct from your friends and family.

While they’re upset, frustrated and “worried” over daily problems… you’ll be able to float through them with ease. Your spirit will soar through these daily issues and allow you to get through major life changes very calmly and effortlessly.

In this book, I’ll show you the exact 8 step process that’s guaranteed to get you to enlightenment. You won’t spend years. You won’t waste your faith that “one day” you’ll become enlightened.

I’ll reveal the difference between wisdom and enlightenment and show you the proven, step-by-step practices to get you to enlightenment. So you can begin enjoying a fulfilling life on a daily basis. 

From now on, you’ll be able to experience “the other side” of life that most people are curious about… but can NEVER seem to reach.

Best of all, it doesn’t take a lifetime. Full enlightenment can come at anytime, without any effort. Only if you are shown the simple 8 step process and taught how to remove the obstacles and limiting beliefs that have been engrained into you since childhood.

What you need is a piercing insight of who you really are. A clear explanation between your spirit and ego. If you are interested in taking this journey… Enlightenment for Dummies is the book you’ve been waiting for - and you can get started right now, even if it’s 2AM in the morning.

Yes, I want to become Enlightened

You can order the book ENLIGHTENMENT FOR DUMMIES in several different formats below. If you could pay a price to be enlightened, I’m sure it would be worth millions.

It’s taken me years of trial-and-error to figure out these truths and even longer to figure out how to explain them in a way that anyone can understand.

Even if you were an engineer, and studied the primary religions, it would cost hundreds even thousands of dollars to gain this knowledge. And take several years of intense study to grasp an understanding that would be of use to your daily life.

If I turned this into a virtual course, I may charge $97 for this information. Afterall — your life will never, ever be the same after you apply this knowledge to your life.

But I’m not asking for $97, nor am I asking for $67. This book is available right now at a simple, low price of $27.95 printed edition, or $24.95 in PDF and word files.
That’s just a temporary price while I test this internet offer. Because this is rare, specialized knowledge — far more insightful than most of my other books — I can almost guarantee this price will be increased at any moment. Perhaps before midnight.

So to reserve your copy at the lowest possible price, I urge you to act now.

P.S. There are many many fakers and Egotistical teachers — famous gurus, preachers, and some priests — may also just be on an Ego trip and not really understand what enlightenment truly is. who claim to teach enlightenment. But the reality is, they only teach devotion to themselves.  

When you read my book you will get a full overview of realization: the history, what it is, how it works, and how to do it.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The History of Enlightenment
Chapter 2: Getting Wrapped up in Practices   
Chapter 4: Your Spiritual, Energy, and Physical Bodies   
Chapter  5: The Nature of the Ego   
Chapter 6:  The Reality Illusion   
Chapter 7: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali   
Chapter 8: Learning more about Stillness   
Chapter 9: Learning Meditation and Stillness Practices   
Chapter  10: Clarity of Purpose   
Chapter 11: Removing Illusions   
Chapter  12: Dealing with Distractions   
Chapter  13: What Real Enlightenment is Like   
Chapter  14: Personal Stories of Enlightenment   
Chapter 15: The Spirit in Others   
Chapter 16: How should you live with Enlightenment?   

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