The Spiritual Enlightenment of an Engineer 

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About the Author's two track life. Becoming an engineer while learning about and experiencing enlightenment Many prophecy, paranormal, and other strange experiences.

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What this book is all about

I’ve written quite a few books about spirituality and my experience and beliefs in our abilities to expand our consciousness through spiritual development practices, meditation, and the paranormal.

This book includes my experiences with paranormal abilities acquired from the spiritual development process and different enlightenment experiences.

Having been raised in a technical family and gone to engineering school my perspective is pretty unique since I developed both traditional technical knowledge of the world while I was also going through the spiritual development and enlightenment process.

There are many engineers and scientists who are also religious but I’ve found that technical people who are as deeply into spiritual enlightenment practices and paranormal experiences are pretty rare.

What I’ve found is that this dual background has given me more clarity about the world we live in and better objectivity in many cases regarding strange or unusual phenomena.

The theme of this book is to review how I went through this dual track system of learning in my life to become both a traditional engineer and to have fairly adept knowledge of spiritual and paranormal experiences.

The Universe and God

Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction
2.0    Memories Before, During, and After Birth   
2.1    My First Memories   
2.2    Being Born and My Early Life   
2.3    An Analysis of My Consciousness before Birth   
3.0    Experiences Growing Up   
4.0    Appreciation of Nature   
5.0    Becoming an Engineer   
6.0    Meditation and Vital Forces   
7.0    My Healing Experiences   
8.0    A Spirit which Attacked Me   
9.0    Spiritual and Metaphysical Explorations   
10.0  The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali   
11.0    More Strange Things   
12.0    My Prophecy Experiences   
13.0    A Heart Opening Experience   
14.0    My Research and Writing   
15.0    Opening to the Universe   
16.0    The Enlightenment Path   
17.0    Summary   
18.0    Bibliography

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