The Encyclopedia of Out of Place Artifacts

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A comprehensive guide of out of place artifacts from all over the world. 54 artifacts are covered in detail

Part A: Artifacts Found in Historical Times
Part B: Very Ancient Objects to Millions of Years Old
Part C: A Civilization 300 Million Years Ago
Part D: Human Footprints in Rock
Part E: Artifacts of Undetermined Ages

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What this Book is all about
Out of Place Artifacts is a fascinating subject. There are too many of these unusual objects for them to be fakes. I’ve already written several books on this subject including “Strange Objects Which Should Not Exist”, “More Out of Place Objects”, and “A 300 Million Year Old Civilization Existed on Earth”.

In this book I’ve compiled everything I could find out about these unusual finds from my prior three books and additional research.

I’ve included all of this information except that specifically related to Aliens and UFOs since that information is in my books on those topics.

The information here is presented in five parts:

Part A: Objects Found in Historical Times
Part B: Very Ancient Objects to Millions of Years Old
Part C: A Civilization 300 Million Years Ago
Part D:  Human Footprints in Rock
Part E: Objects of Undetermined Ages

I hope you find all of this information as interesting as I do since it changes our understanding of the history of our planet in incredible ways.

Hammer with wooden handle in Rock

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction   

Part A-Objects Found in Historical Times   

2.0 Historical OOPAs   
2.1 The Mystery Stone (19th Century)   
2.2 The Piri Reis Map 1513 A.D.   
2.3 The Tamil Bell (1,500 A.D.)   
2.4 The Kensington Runestone (1,362 A.D.)   
2.5 The Cambodian 'Stegosaurus' (1,100 A.D.)   
2.6 The Oklahoma Runestones (1,000 A.D.)   
2.7 The Tucson artifacts (790 A.D.)   
2.8 The Maine Penny (1065 A.D.)   
2.9 King Pakal: The Palenque Astronaut (600 A.D.)   
2.10 The Tecaxic-Calixtlahuaca head (200 A.D.)   
2.11 The Newark Holy Stones (100BC-500AD)   
2.12 The Antikythera mechanism (87-205 B.C.)   
2.13 The Saqqara Bird (200 B.C.)   
2.14 The Baghdad Battery (2,000 Years Old)   
2.15 The Dendera Light (2,000 B.C.)   
2.16 Acambaro figures (2,500 B.C.)   
2.17 High-Tech Genetic Disc (6,000 Years Old)   
2.18 A Complex Metal Object (7,000 B.C.)   
2.19 The Lady Of Atlantis (10,000 Years Old)   

Part B-Very Ancient Objects to Millions of Years Old  

3.0 Objects Millions of Years Old   
3.1 The Baigong pipes (150,000 Years Old)   
3.2 Federazione Galattica - pagina (300,000 Years Old)   
3.3 The Coso Artifact (500,000 Years Old)   
3.4 The Nampa Figurine (2 Million Years Old)   
3.5 Artificial Lens (5 Million Years Old)   
3.6 Wheel Ruts in Malta (12-14 Million Years Old)   
3.7 The Guadalupe Woman (28 Million Years Old)   
3.8 Letters Inside Marble-(8 Million Years Old)   
3.9 Kingoodie artifact (50 Million Years Old)   
3.10 Mortar and Pestal-33 to 55 Million Years Old   
3.11 The Saltsburg Cube-60 Million Years Old   
3.12 The Creator Map-100 Million Years Old   
3.13 London Hammer (400-500 Million Years Old)   
3.14 Ancient Mechanical Objects (400 Million Years Old)   
3.15 The Dorchester Pot-(500 Million Years Old)   
3.16 Metal Spheres-(2.8 Billion Years Old)  

Part C-A Civilization 300 Million Years Ago  

4.0 Civilization 300 Million Years Ago   
4.1 Iron Mask of a Face-(300 Million Years Old)   
4.2 Ancient Modern Tools-(300 Million Years Old)   
4.3 Mechanical Part (300 Million Years Old)   
4.4 Wheel in Coal Mine- (300 Million Years Old)   
4.5 Ancient Screw (300 to 320 Million Years Old)   
4.6 Iron Pot from Oklahoma (312 Million Years Old)   
4.7 Mysterious Bell (298 to 320 Million Years Old)   
4.8 Gold Thread (320 to 360 Million Years Old)   
4.9 France-Tools in Rock (300 Million Years Old)   
4.10 Crosbyton Texas Objects (300 Million Years Old)   
4.11 Gold Chain (300 Million Years Old)

Part D-Human Footprints in Rock

5.0 Footprints in Rock   
5.1 The Meister Print (505-590 Million Years Old)   
5.2 Human & Dino Footprints (100 Million Years Old)   
5.3 Ancient Giant Footprints (200 Million Years Old)   
5.4 Human Footprints in Rock (150 Million Years Old)   

Part E-Objects of Undermined Ages   

6.0 Objects of Undetermined Ages   
6.1 The Dropa Stones   
6.2 Metallic Tubes   
6.3 Drill found in Coal   
6.4 Stone Embedded Three-Pronged Plug   
7.0 Theory of Intelligently Made OOPAs   
8.0 Summary   
9.0 Bibliography   

The Lady of Atlantis

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