The Empire of the United States: Forged by the Spirit of God in Man

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This book is the story of how the United States was created by men of God and has continued to grow by this same attitude throughout our history. We should be very proud to live in this country.
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What this Book is all About

In the United States of America today we live in a time of problems, confusion, and with lots of fighting between the main political parties.

Yet, people from all over the world still want to come here.

Why do so many persons still want to become Americans? I think it is because the United States has become the guiding star for the gowth of humanity, now and in the future. People see their best futures to be here.

There is nowhere else that the rights our citizens possess allow many to go from being penniless to a multimillionaire in their lifetimes. And the provisions of freedom of religion and freedom of speech are important to our full expression as human beings.

But most American citizens despair about their lives, and the future of our country. Due to our poor educational system many don’t know the true history of this country and how it was formed to spread the Spirit of God in our country and around the world.

And what about new industries created here in the USA? In fact can anyone name a new industry which was not created here?

The purpose of this book is to show how the Spirit of God in man during the history of United States of America has made a huge positive difference in our world.

We should be extremely proud of the country we live in.

The United States was the light of the world in the past, is still in the present, and will continue to be in the future.

The Founders of the United States of America

The Chapters in this Book:

1.0    Introduction   
2.0    My Spiritual and World Views   
3.0    Be Very Proud You are an American   

Part One-Major Transitions of Our History   

4.0    The Pilgrims in 1620   
5.0    The Visions of George Washington   
6.0    The Faith of the Founders and the Revolution   
7.0    The Masons Who Laid out Washington D.C.   
8.0    The US Civil War   
9.0    World Wars One and Two   
10.0    The Cold War

Part Two-Growth of the Country   

11.0    The Settlement of the Nation   
12.0    The Development of Industry   
13.0    The American Economy in the 20th Century   
14.0    High Technology   
14.1    Integrated Circuits   
14.2    The Space Industry   
14.3    Computers & Smartphones   
14.4    DNA and Genetics   
14.5    3D Printing   
14.6    The Internet   
14.7    Social Media   
15.0    The Culture of the United S
15.1     Music   
15.2     The Movie Industry   
15.3     Literature   
15.4    Fashion and Clothing   
15.5     Amusement Parks   
15.6    National Parks   
16.0     United States Worldwide Defense   
17.0     The US Reserve Currency and Global Finance   
18.0    Our Universities   

Part Three-Why We Are Unique
19.0    The Wisdom of the Founders   
20.0    Freedom of Religion   
21.0    Freedom of Speech   
22.0    In God We Trust   
23.0    Our Tradition of Creative Destruction   
24.0     Our “Can Do Attitude”   
25.0    The Importance of the American Flag   
26.0    Optimism About Our Future   
27.0    Famous Quotes About America   
28.0     Summary   
29.0    Bibliography   

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