Druid History, Mysticism, Rituals, Magic, and Prophecy 

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The History of the Druids, their festivals, alphabet, meditations, rituals, prophecy, herbal healing, and much more .

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What this book is all about

The history of the Druids has always fascinated me. My first interest was reading as a child about Merlin the Magician who was also a Druid.

Then I learned they were the ancient priests of the Celts and had a deep history in the British Isles. My family is also from Scotland and Northern Ireland so it makes me wonder if I have some Druidic ancestry too.

Recently I wrote a book about the Mythical people of Ireland and it also included materials about the Tuatha Da Dannan who in many mythical histories were also forerunners of the Druids.

Druids were also well known for their mystical prophecy and healing abilities. Being a student of the Paranormal and Spiritual this also holds a serious interest for me.

In this book we will go through my research on Druid history, festivals, rituals, herbs, alphabets, magic, and much more.

Some Druidic rituals and exercises are also included. In fact Druidism seems to be the source of many modern approaches to witchcraft and magic.

A Druid Priest

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 Historical Perspectives of the Druids   
2.1 Who Were the Druids?   
2.2 The Tuatha Da Dannan Who Came Before   
2.3 Druids in Classical History   
2.4 Druidism in England   
2.5 Merlin the Druid Magician   
3.0 Druid Festivals   
4.0 Herbal Usage   
5.0 Rites and Rituals   
6.0 Druid Meditations & Exercises   
6.1 The Tree Meditation   
6.2   Connecting with Spirits of Place   
6.3 The Garden Meditation   
7.0 The Tree Alphabet   
8.0 Druidic Magic   
9.0 Druid Prophecy   
10.0 Interesting Druid Facts and Stories   
11.0 Summary   
12.0 Bibliography   
13.0 Index   

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