Are Cryptozoological Animals Real or Imaginary?

Product Summary
A review of some of the wild claims that strange animals like Bigfoot, Sea Monsters, or Werewolves among other might exist. Evaluations of the evidence are included


Recreation of Indian Thunderbird on MIssissippi Bluff

What this Book is all about

  What are Cryptozoological animals? They are very rare animals which might even be imaginary or fantastical.

In this book we examine a group of these top cryptids which may or may not be real. The history and observations of these animals comprise each chapter and an evaluation of the evidence for their existence if provided at the end of each chapter.

Are all of these sightings fantasy or do these animals really exist? And how can they hide from most of us who have actively looked for them in the past?

A Photo of Bigfoot

Table Of Contents

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 Bigfoot/Sasquatch   
3.0 Thunderbirds/ Pterodactyls   
4.0 The Bunyip   
5.0 Real Dragons   
6.0 Really Giant Snakes   
7.0 Mokele-Mbembe/Dinosaurs   
8.0 Mongolian Death Worms   
9.0 Unicorns   
10.0 Werewolves   
11.0 The Mapinguari   
12.0 Sea Serpents   
13.0 The Chupacabra   
14.0 Carnivorous Trees and Plants   
15.0 Summary   

A Dragon on a Communications Tower

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