Crazy, Strange, and Disruptive Ideas 

Product Summary
Do you think "Outside of the Box" or do you consider unusual ideas not worth your time? Maybe you need to open your mind to what is possible or what might be possible. That is the purpose of this book to "Blow Your Mind" and present some crazy ideas and concepts which might somehow or someway become true. At least they will help you think outside of the box. You will have some fun too reading these strange ideas. Come learn something new you may have never thought about before.


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What are the bounds of thought? And how do we know if an idea is completely insane, or just a paradigm change?

In this book we explore Insanity, Crazy, Strange, and Disruptive ideas, and just some unusual thoughts and stories.

And what are disruptive ideas or ideas which break currently accepted paradigms?

My goal is for you the reader to expand your minds to think “Outside of the Box” and not immediately condemn or make fun of new ideas just because they sound weird or wacky. Who knows? These new ideas might actually change the world for the better.

A Picture of Thought Forms

In a psychology course in college we saw a movie about insane people. It was really fascinating.
The one thing I remember vividly was a man who made the statement “My thoughts are turning into Insects”. I tried for years to visualize how that could be. There must have been some logic for him to make that statement.
I finally decided that since many of our thoughts can become thought forms. This man might have been thinking  about how the visualization of this thoughts might start transforming into images of insects.

The Table of Contents:

What is Insane and What is Useful?   
Some Far Out Ideas   
Thoughts turning Into Insects   
Can Thoughts Create Reality?   
Duplicates of Each of Us   
Reptilian and Other Aliens   
Is Time Travel Possible?   
The Hollow Earth   
Is the Universe a Hologram?   
Everyone has Superhuman Abilities   
The Singularity is a Delusion   
Meeting Alien Spirits   
How to Clear Haunted Houses   
The Probability of the Future   
Moving on Individual Paths   
Life in Earth’s Interior   
Are the Stars Alive?
Longevity and Immortality   
Disruptive Ideas   
Tectonic Plates:   
The Internet & Smartphones   
Oil and Gas Fracking   
Potential Disruptive Changes   
Making Everyone Tiny   
CryptoCurrency Revolutions   
Direct Voting   
All Universities Online   

Spirits in Space

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