A Compendium of Metaphysics and How to Guides

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Buy all six M.K. Ettington Metaphysics books in one Volume...  Enlightenment, Illusions, Immortality, Prophecy, God Powers, & Scientific Method with all of the images, Tables of Contents, and Indexes of the individual books.

Learn about a Wide variety of Spiritual Subjects in One Volume

This Compendium/Anthology is a compilation of all six of my paranormal/metaphysics books which allows you to read my entire approach to spirituality and related subjects in one volume. (You can click on the links for each book to learn more)

This compilation combines the following six books together:
  • Enlightenment for Dummies-The subject of Enlightenment can be very confusing. The objective of this book is to introduce the concepts to readers and explain some of the processes to help seekers reach this Spiritual state. Also includes the Author’s experiences with Enlightenment.
  • Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide-An intensive exploration of the history of immortality, records of very long lived persons, a theory on how immortality works, and how we can each increase our life spans to incredible ages. Includes spiritual practices, energy related exercises, and recommended supplements to help you improve your health and the length of your life.
  • Removing Illusions to find true Happiness--What true happiness is. How we live in our illusions for most of our lives. Many examples of these illusions and how to find true happiness by removing our illusions about ourselves and reality.
  • Prophecy: A History and How to Guide—We all have the ability to see the future. Goes through history of prophecy, divination methods, and how each of us can learn to see the future. Includes many personal experiences and the author’s insights into how he can see the future and change it too.
  • Using the Scientific Method to Study the Paranormal-An analysis of the scientific method, flaws in the scientific examination of the paranormal, and how we can use science to study paranormal events. Includes the scale of believability and explanation and diagrams on the limits to science.
  • God Like Powers and Abilities-An encyclopedia of superhuman abilities including teleportation, invisibility, healing, psychokinesis and much more. Covers many strange abilities such as a woman who lived normally but didn’t eat or drink for thirty years, and experiences of becoming invisible too. Also, how to learn these abilities for yourself.
The Common Theme of these books

When dealing with Metaphysics and the Paranormal, there are no degrees or certified experts. Each person writing on these subjects has developed their expertise through their experiences, personal research, and learning over many years. I’ve put my knowledge gained from life experience in the volumes bundled together in this Compendium.

The overall approach is to introduce each subject, provide some background and history, and then to provide specific ideas, recommendations, and advice on how to achieve the theme of the book.

This compilation is designed to show my overall beliefs and recommendations on several subjects.

One of these core beliefs is that we all have the universal spirit inside each of us. That by learning to be centered in this spirit we improve our happiness, health, and ability to do things which might be considered supernatural or impossible.

References from some very satisfied readers

I am reading your books, they are very good—Leonard Orr—-World famous immortalist, lecturer, and writer—He has been teaching about immortality, rebirthing, and removing the death urge for over forty years.

Marty, I just finished your book "A Compendium  Of Metaphysics And How To Guides" and just had to tell you how much I enjoyed it.  I couldn't put it down, I finished the almost 700 pages in two days. It's a wonderful book and so well written. I couldn't believe how much information you were able to deliver in this book.  It must have taken you years of research to accumulate such a wealth of information. Your delivery is straight forward and easy to understand.  I learned so much.  I have been studying metaphysics for almost 40 years and thought I was just going to read another rehashed book of so many other books that I had read before but was I ever so pleasantly surprised.  Your book far surpassed what I expected.  I would highly recommend this book and any other book you author.  I look forward to your next book.  Thanks so very much for allowing me the opportunity to share your wealth of knowledge.—Dr. Rick Kuykendall-Host of the radio show "How You Can Be Your Own Doctor"

I just received the compendium of metaphysics and how to guides.  This is an impressive publication.  The quality of this large volume is excellent.  The cover is bright and appealing and the pages and print or clear and very readable.  It seems a good publisher, and they have done the right thing for this kind of combined books into one big volume.  It invites one to begin reading at the very front to go on through it in time.  Lots of pages though, but it is my thinking that I would rather read these 6 books in this one volume than as their separate selves.  This is the first time I have seen this done by an author, and I am wondering why more do not do it.  I doubt if I could find the 6 books separately anyway, used or new, and the cost would be likely more than this compendium.  It is just a good deal to me.  I have read some into this volume and find it clear and simple in its treatments of these very challenging subjects.  You have my congratulations on the publication. --Robert Mosley

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I’m offering this Compendium of Metaphysics at a tremendous discount from buying each book by itself. The total cost of each of the individual digital books together would be $135. You will get the same books in this compilation for 44% of the original price.  I’m thinking of raising the Compendium price to $75 so you should buy now.

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