Bi-Location and Objects Appearing From Nowhere 

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Bi-Location is a phenomena reported throughout history of people being in two places at once. This is also related to objects spontaneously appearing and disappearing. Many stories and case studies are given as well as exercises to learn Bi-Location Yourself

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Saint Alphonsus-A Bi-Locator

What this book is all about

I’ve experienced many paranormal events in my life. Most of them having something to do with prophecy. I’m also an Author of numerous books on the paranormal including my book written in 2009 “God Like Powers and Abilities” which was an overview or encyclopedia of different paranormal abilities.

This book is about the phenomena of Bi-Location. The stories about individuals bi-locating are the most fascinating, but I’m also including stories of objects which appear and disappear which might have similar underlying causes.
These two phenomena seem inextricably linked since they both involve teleportation through space and possibly quantum entanglement. (Which is covered in a later chapter)

I’ve read about seen enough evidence, and had enough of my own experiences to believe these abilities are real.
However, my experience with bi-location is brand new and outside of the box of my previous experiences. Actually having one of these experiences is what led me to write this book on Bi-Location and the spontaneous appearances of objects.

The Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction   
2.0    The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali   
3.0    My Own Story   
4.0    The History of Bi-Location   
5.0    Objects Appearing out of Nowhere     
5.1     Saints who Experienced Bi-location   
5.2     Muslim Sufis   
5.3     Hindu Mystics   
5.4     Other Person’s Stories   
6.0    BiLocation of People
7.0    Do Spirits Move Objects?   
8.0    Learning Bi-Location   
9.0    How would Science Explain this?   
10.0   Summary   

Saint Pio Pietrel- A Bi-Locator

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