Bigfoot Mysteries and Some Answers

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What does Bigfoot look like? And Where does it live? Does Bigfoot have supranormal powers? And is Bigfoot an Interdimensional being? These mysteries and many more are discussed in this book as well as many sightings cases

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What this book is all about

There are thousands of reports of Bigfoot in North America and other sites around the world. These sightings include videos, pictures, and the stories of witnesses.

I’ve researched and written about many types of cryptids and the reports of Bigfoot sightings are orders of magnitudes greater than any other cryptid sightings. These witnesses definitely saw something which is not human but bipedal.

The questions to me which need answering are ones like:

•    How could so many Bigfoots exist in North America but the sightings are still pretty rare?
•    Why haven’t any Bigfoot skeletons been discovered?
•    Where do they live in what do they eat?
•    Do they have any supranormal abilities?
•    Is Bigfoot an interdimensional being?

We will try to answer some of the questions in this book and propose some out of the box possibilities too.

There is a lot of Bigfoot information in this book so I hope you enjoy reading this compilation about Bigfoot.

Bigfoot Sightings Map in the US

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction    
2.0 The History of Bigfoot    
3.0 Where are Bigfoot Sightings?    
4.0 Well Known Bigfoot Sightings    
4.1 1967 “Bigfoot Walk” Film    
4.2 Marble Mountain Wilderness    
4.3 Yeti Sighting in the Himalayas    
4.4 The Independence Day Film    
4,5 Provo Canyon    
4.6 Allegheny National Forest    
4.7 Johnstown, Pennsylvania    
4.8 Washington’s Blue Mountains    
4.9 Mississippi    
4.10 Utah Hills    
5.0 Some Bigfoot Testimonies    
5.1 The Cattle Ranch    
5.2 A Woman’s Testimony    
5.3 20 Year Old Woman Outside a Gym    
5.4 A Story from 2019    
5.5 The Ouachita Mountains    
6.0 Where Does Bigfoot Live?    
7.0 What Bigfoot Looks Like    
8.0 Sightings in Other Countries    
9.0 Bigfoot Attributes    
10.0 Bigfoot DNA Research
11.0 Is Bigfoot Descended from Gigantopithecus?    
12.0 Possible Spiritual Abilities    
13.0 Interdimensional Possibilities    
14.0 Summary    
15.0 Bibliography    

Indian Rock Carvings of Bigfoot

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