Memories Before Birth and Reincarnation 

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Stories of memories before birth, reincarnation cases, and possible reasons for why reincarnation exists. Includes my own before birth memories.

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What this book is all about

I think I must be one of those persons who has been reincarnated. I never considered myself to be such a person but always had memories from before my birth, in my Mom’s womb, and my early childhood. One of my earliest memories was of being disembodied, looking down on the Earth, and recalling my many previous incarnations on Earth.

My story is included in this book as well as many other stories of people who have reported remembering from before their birth.

This is all closely related to the topic of Reincarnation and so this book covers that topic too. The history of Reincarnation, research on the topic, and many stories of claims people have about being reincarnated.

The belief in reincarnation has been around for thousands of years so this subject is not new. What I’m trying to do in this book is provide as many credible stories as I can to provide the reader with more information to form your own opinion on this subject.

Also, some of the possible reasons for reincarnation are covered here too.

The Tibetan Wheel of Life

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 What I Remember Before My Birth   
3.0 Being Born and My Early Life   
4.0 Other People’s Memories from Before Birth   
4.1 The Story of Three Year Old Johnny   
4.2 A Preview of a Coming Life   
4.3 Michael Maguire’s Experience   
4.4 Vivid Dreams   
4.5 Don and Terri   
4.6 Richard Dreyfuss’s Story   
4.7 Auditory Messages   
4.8 Telepathy   

4.9 Sensory Experiences   
4.10 Person Who Remembers Selecting Gender and Parents   
5.0 The History of Reincarnation   
5.1 Reincarnation in Different Cultures   
6.0 Studies on Reincarnation   
6.1 Ian Stevenson   
6.2 Jim Tucker   
7.0 Reincarnation Stories
7.1 Four Year Old Recalled Life as A Hollywood Agent   
7.2 A Chicago Fire Victim Was Reincarnated as A Five-Year-Old Boy   
7.3 Two Sisters Killed In a Car Accident Were Reincarnated As Twins   
7.4 Mahatma Gandhi Investigated a Girl’s Reincarnation Claims   
7.5 A Grandfather Was Reincarnated As His Own Grandson   
7.6 A Midwestern Toddler Recalls Writing Gone With the Wind   
7.7 A Reincarnated Murder Victim Returned To Confront His Killer   
7.8 A Six Year Old Claimed To Be the Reincarnation Of Nearby Family Man   
7.9 A Child's Birth Marks Match a Bicyclist's Deadly Injuries   
7.10 A Retired Fire Chief Felt an Emotional Link To A Civil War General   
7.11 A Reincarnated Boy Solved His Own Murder   
7.12 An Elderly Man Shocked Archaeologists with His Knowledge of An Ancient City   
7.13 Swedish Woman Claims To Be the Reincarnation of Anne Frank   
8.0 How the Dalai Lama is Chosen   
9.0 Possible Reasons for Reincarnation   
9.1 Is Karma the Main Reason?   
9.2 Possible Evolution of the Spirit   
9.3 Our Purpose on Earth?   
10.0 Astral Projection and the Soul   
11.0 Summary   
12.0 Bibliography   

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