All About Ball Lightning

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What is Ball Lightning? And is it similar to WW2 Foo Fighters, Will O The Wisps, and St. Elmos Fire? Lots of sighting stories and speculation on that these common phenomena are.

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What this Book is all About

Ball Lightning is a phenomena which definitely exists. One European study counted over 5,000 sightings of these weird balls.

It also seems to be similar to old tales of the “Will O the Wisp” and World War Two Foo Fighters.

St. Elmos Fire also has similar observations so data on this phenomenon are included too.

There are many potential explanations but none are confirmed. Although most seem to appear around thunderstorms this is not always the case.

My own belief is that these objects are controlled by some type of intelligence and we will discuss reasons for this later in the book.

In this book you will read a lot of background information and sightings stories by persons for the last hundreds of years.

This is just another mystery in our strange world which cries out for more investigation.

Foo Fighters in World War Two

The Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Scientific Explanations of Ball Lightning
3.0 Is Ball Lightning from Another Dimension?
4.0 Historical “Will O the Wisp” Sightings”
5.0 Foo Fighters in World War Two
6.0 The First Report of Ball Lightning
7.0 Ball Lightning Sightings in the United State
7.1 Bob Cormack- Engineer and Pilot
7.2 Peter Coe-M.F.A. Art, Indiana University
7.3 Bradford White-, Engineer in HVAC and Energy
7.4 David North-Served On Ships in the U.S. Navy
7.5 Roy Wilson-Retired Pastor with science degree
7.6 David Mackey-Police Officer
8.0 Ball Lightning Sightings in Europe
8.1   Ferenc Valenta-Works at Mentor Graphics
8.2 Wilhelm von Haidinger-Geologist 1868
8.3 Othniel Charles Marsh, Professor of Palaeontology
8.4 Walther Gerlach, Physics Professor
8.5 Runar N. Kuzmin, Physics Professor
8.6 Axel D. Wittmann, Astrophysicist
8.7 Puy de Dome
8.8 Kurt Krenn Station
8.9 North Sea Sightings
8.10 Richard Taylor (physicist)
9.0 A Scientific Recording in China
10.0 St Elmo’s Fire
10.1 St. Elmo’s Fire in History
10.2 St. Elmo’s Fire on a Frozen Lake
11.0 These Balls may be intelligent life
12.0 Summary
13.0 Bibliography

St Elmos Fire

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