The Real Atlantis-In the Eye of the Sahara

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This is a book about where the real location of Atlantis is. Lots of facts are sited and lots of research to make a case for Atlantis being in the Eye of the Sahara (Also known as The Richat)


The Eye of the Sahara:

What this book is all about

There have been many books and movies about whether Atlantis really existed and where it was located. Now we have a new candidate location which meets the criteria established by Plato much better than any of the other candidates.

A location which is the exact same size as the fabled city and is located by more than one ancient source.

The story of the Eye of the Sahara is truly amazing and once you read it you will become convinced like I am of this logically being the real location of the mythical city of Atlantis.

Lots of history and related information in this study of where Atlantis was really located.

A few reasons why this area is the most likely structure for Atlantis:

1) The size of the structure is the same as Platos Writings
2) The location has two sources verifying it
3) The exit/entrance is in the south with Mountains to the north--like
Plato's description

Read a lot more reasons in the book.....

An area in the Center of the Eye of the Sahara with outlines of a ruin which should be excavated. Could this be the remains of the mythological Temple of Poseidon?

The Table of Contents Includes these Chapters:

Plato on Atlantis   
Possible Atlantis Locations   
The Eye of the Sahara   
Specifications for Atlantis   
The Disaster   
North Africa Turns to Desert
Herodotus Map of the World   
Leo Frobenius
Other Researchers 
More Interesting Data
Gods and Goddesses   

The Center of the Richat with ring walls in the distance

What is the truth about the real location of Atlantis?

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