Mining the Asteroid Belts 

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Why should we go to the Asteroid Belt? And did you know there are multiple groups of Asteroids in the Solar System? Also, how would we mine them, what would we find, and how would we live?

Book 4 of The Living in Space Series

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The Asteroid Belts in the Solar System

What this book is all about

First of all, why is the title of this book about mining Asteroid Belts? When we learned about the Asteroid Belt when studying the Solar System in school there was only one Asteroid Belt. The one in orbit between Mars and Jupiter.

With the discovery of the Trojan Asteroids in Jovian orbit and in orbit ahead and behind of the planet Jupiter, we now have more than one belt of asteroids around the Sun. If we include the Kuiper Belt out beyond Pluto, there are many additional thousands of asteroids to consider. There are also near Earth Asteroids which orbit close to and sometimes hit our planet.

So there are many thousands of Asteroids in the Solar System and this book is focused on how do we get to them, live on them, and mine them.

There are several known types of Asteroids, and the metal ones have the most promise to provide rare materials to fuel Earth’s industries. Also, how would these metals be processed and sent back to Earth?

What would traveling to and living on Asteroids be like? And what life support systems would be needed?

Asteroid Smelter

The Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction       
2.0 What is the Asteroid Belt?       
2.2 The Major Asteroids
2.3 Trojans & Greeks   
2.4 Near Earth Asteroids   
3.0 Valuable Materials from Asteroids       
4.0 Transportation to the Belt       
4.1 Months Long Journeys   
4.2 Nuclear Thermal Rockets   
4.3 Concerns on the Trip to the Asteroid Belt   
5.0 Spaceship Systems       
6.0 Proposed Mining Projects & Companies       
7.0 Mining the Belt       
7.1 Mining considerations   
7.2 Robotic Mining   
8.0 Living in the Asteroid Belt       
8.1 Building a Ceres Colony   
8.1.1 Examples in Fiction:   
8.1.2 Possible Methods:   
8.1.3 Potential Benefits:   
8.1.4 Challenges:   
8.2 Individuals Prospecting in the Belt   
9.0 Asteroid Mining Commercialization   
9.1 Proposed Mining Projects   
9.2 Processing Asteroid Metals   
9.2.1 Materials Processing in Space   
9.2.3 Using Solar Power in Space   
9.2.4 3D-Printing in Space   
10.0 Looking Ahead 100-500 Years       
11.0 Summary       
12.0 Bibliography       
13.0 Index       

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