Human and Alien UFO Anti-Gravity Research

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All about Anti-Gravity Reseach, by Humans, Aliens, and ships using anti-gravity propulsion methods.

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Eugene Podkletnov’s Anti-Gravity Experiments

What this book is all about

Quite a few books have been written about anti-gravity and UFOs. I surveyed the existing literature and determined that a solid collection of real research on anti-gravity and possible Alien anti-gravity technology really does not exist in one place.

The US Government has also been doing research on this topic for over seventy years.

When I decided to write this book I collected many disparate sources of anti-gravity research and the contributions of possible alien anti-gravity information.

The stories of anti-gravity usage in flying craft goes back thousands of years to the stories of Vimanas from ancient Indian texts.

Nicola Tesla the famous inventor of AC current and other things was involved with anti-gravity as discussed later in this book.

There are also a number of aeronautical and space ships which have been built possibly using anti-gravity technologies. These craft are listed and described here too.

Finding technological methods of defying gravity will have incredible implications for space travel and fascinating improvements in our already high tech civilization.

The Table of Contents Includes many fascinating Chapters:

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 What is Gravity?   
3.0 Anti-Gravity Research   
3.1 Nicola Tesla and Anti-Gravity   
3.2 Crystalline Lattices   
3.3 Thomas Townsend Brown   
3.3.1 Electro Gravitics   
3.4 Nazi Anti-Gravity Research   
3.5 The Hutchison Effect   
3.6 Eugene Podkletnov’s Experiments   
3.7 US Navy Anti-Gravity Patent   
3.8 United States Research Historically   
4.0 Alien Anti-Gravity Technology?   
4.1 Caret Anti-Gravity   
4.2 Bob Lazar and Element 115   
5.0 Human Built Anti-Gravity Ships   
5.1 Indian Vimanas   
5.2 TR-3B Triangular Craft   
5.2.1 TR-3B Anti-Gravity Patent:   
5.3 Dr. Richard Boylan’s list of US Anti-Gravity ships   
6.0 The United States incredible technology   
7.0 Summary of Anti-Gravity and Alien Technology   
8.0 Bibliography   
9.0 Index   

Bob Lazar's Alien Anti-Gravity Spacecraft

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