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A history of many ancient and lesser known civilizations going back to Pre History. Many of these Societies are not ones modern archeology accepts. Dates from recently to 30,000 B.C. or even earlier. Also includes my book on Atlantis "The Real Atlantis-In the Eye of the Sahara"


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Dwarka-The Underwater City in India (9,000 B.C.-8,000 B.C.)

What this Book is all about
There are many civilizations which existed in pre-history and most of them are now lost to our knowledge and ken. Many of them were lost when the Oceans rose during the melting from the last Ice Age. Some were just buried and have recently come to light.

In this book we examine many of these lesser known civilizations and cities and look at incredible extensions of how far back in history civilization actually goes.

Also, Giants were one of the races of early history. What did Giants have to do with these early civilizations?  There are also some interesting gaps in the histories of civilizations to examine.

Come on this journey to take an overall view of ancient and lesser known civilizations to build a new strategic overview of the past of human history.

Megalithic Structures in the Caucuses (25,000 B.C.)
Table Of Contents

1.0 Introduction  
2.0 The Pre-History of Man  
3.0 A Giant Race of Men  
4.0 Derinkuyu, Turkey 500 A.D.-1,180 A.D.  
5.0 Nan Madol, Pohnpei Island, Micronesia 80 A.D.  
6.0 Adena, and Hopewell, USA 1,000 B.C.-1,700 A.D.  
7.0 Olmecs, Mexico 1,600 B.C.-350 B.C.  
8.0 Taulas Megaliths, Menorca, Spain 2,000 B.C.  
9.0 Rujm el-Hiriis, Israel 3,000 B.C.-2,700 B.C.  
10.0 Stonehenge, England 3,000 B.C.  
11.0 Pavlopetri, Underwater City, Greece 3,000 B.C.  
12.0 Sumer, Iraq 3,100 B.C.  
13.0 New Grange, Ireland 3,200 B.C.  
14.0 Watson Brake, Louisiana, USA 3,400 B.C.  
15.0 Norte Chico, Peru, 3,500 B.C.  
16.0 Megalithic Temples, Malta 3,600 B.C.  
17.0 Monte d'Accoddi, Sardinia 4000 B.C.- 3,650 B.C.  
18.0 Carnac Stones, France 4,500 B.C.-3,000 B.C.  
19.0 Tumulus of Bougon, France 4,800 B.C.  
20.0 Cairn of Barnenez, France 4,850 B.C.  
21.0 The Indus Valley Civilization, India 6,000 B.C.  
22.0 Megalithic Structure Strait of Sicily 7,350 B.C.  
23.0 Dwarka, India 8,000-9,000 B.C.  
24.0 Jericho, Israel 9,000 B.C.  
25.0 Gulf of Khambhat, Sunken City, India 9,500 B.C.  
26.0 Atlantis, Mauritania 9,600 B.C.  
26.1 Introduction  
26.2 Plato on Atlantis  
26.3 Possible Locations of Atlantis  
26.4 The Eye of the Sahara  
26.5 Specifications of Atlantis  
26.6 The Disaster  
26.7 Ancient Rivers in North Africa  
26.8 North Africa Turns to Desert  
26.9 Herodotus Map of the World  
26.10 Archeology  
26.11 Leo Frobenius  
26.12 Other Researchers  
26.13 More Interesting Data  
26.14 Gods and Goddesses  
26.15 Giants in Africa  
26.16 Atlantis-Summary  
27.0 Yonaguni Monument, Japan 10,000 B.C.  
28.0 The Sphinx, Egypt 10,000 B.C.  
29.0 Gobekli Tepe, Turkey 10,000-12,000 B.C.  
30.0 Gornaya Shoria, Russia 14,000 B.C.  
31.0 Gunung Padang, Western Java 22,000 B.C.  
32.0 Caucus Mtns, Near Sochi, Russia 25,000 B.C.  
33.0 Bosnian Pyramids, Bosnia 30,000 B.C.  
34.0 Buried Wall, Rockwall, Texas, 30,000 B.C.-38,000 B.C. 
35.0 Adam’s Calendar, South Africa 75,000 B.C.  
36.0 Megaliths of Indeterminate Ages  
36.2 Karelia, Mount Vottovaara, Russia  
37.0 Gaps in the Archeological Record  
38.0 Summary   

Gobekli Tepe in Turkey (10,000 B.C.-12,000 B.C.)

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