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Dragons are part of world history and are in cultures all over the world. This book is all about mythological Dragons, and pictures and videos which indicate they really exist.
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What this book is all about

Dragons are an enduring icon around the world. Many cultures have dragons in them as mystical creatures. Dragons also affect the art and stories of many cultures throughout history.

There is also the question of whether dragons really existed or not and do they exist today. Most people would say that the ideas of Dragons being real is just a fantasy. Yet there are videos and pictures of Dragons all over the modern world.

Dragons are part of history and many stories of heroes include stories of them killing dragons. Like the story of St. George and the Dragon.

In this book we examine the history of Dragons, stories about them and evidence for their possible existence.

St. George and the Dragon

Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction    
2.0    Derivation of Dragons    
3.0    Earliest Mentions of Dragons    
4.0    Dragons in Different Cultures    
5.0    Dragons in Fiction    
6.0    Evidence Dragons Really Exist    
7.0    Recent Videos of Dragon    
8.0    Summary    
9.0    Bibliography    

S Greek Dragon

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