Aliens Are Already Among Us

Product Summary
Aliens have already visited Earth in the past and are here today. This book is a history of alien visits to Earth, and many stories and evidence that Aliens are still visiting us today. You may have heard of some of these stories but you might find something new too.


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What this book is all about

The focus of this book is on Aliens having visited or living on this Earth. There is lots of evidence that not only are Aliens on Earth during the present, but have been here for thousands if not millions of years.

There are lots of stories and some good evidence that this is all true. Even today there are videos of alien craft, and stories in the news about our government still studying and reporting on Aliens visiting us.

•    What is this evidence of Aliens living on the Earth in the past and currently?
•    And where do we separate the facts from the fiction?
•    What technologies might these Aliens have?
•    And how do these beings interact with our civilization?

Lots of information is provided here to help better understand who the aliens are, how many types we know of, and how it might be possible for them to stay hidden on the Earth for thousands of years.

Hope your find all this information interesting and it provides you with some food for thought.

The Table of Contents:

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 The Probability of Aliens Existing
a. The Drake equation   
b. What Astronomy and Astrophysics tells us   
c. The possibility of Advanced Alien Life   
3.0 The History of UFO & Aliens   
a. Ancient grooved spheres   
b. Legends of the Annunaki   
c. Paintings on Stone walls in Northern Italy   
d. The story of Ezekiel and the flying machine   
e. Details of a fresco entitled "The Crucifixion"   
f. The Dogon Tribe in Africa   
g. UFO Sightings by the Puritans   
h. Sightings in the Nineteenth Century   
4.0 Roswell and EBEs   
5.0 Serpo—Missions to Other Planets   
6.0 Alien Bases on Earth   
a.    Indian Springs, California   
b.    The Dulce Base   
c.    Additional Alien Underground Bases:   
Underground alien bases in Europe   
Underground alien bases in Canada   
Underground alien bases in Russia   
Underground alien bases in America   
7.0 Aliens Underwater   
a.    Underwater Base off The Coast Of Malibu   
b.    Underwater Base Off Puffin Island Wales
c.    UFO Base Under Lake Ontario   
d.    Flight Corridor to Underwater Base North Island, New Zealand   
e.    Pacific Ocean ‘Humming’ Is Actually Marine Life Breaking Wind   
f.    Strange Lights and Sounds in Puerto Rico   
g.    Ancient Alien Base at Lake Titicaca   
h.    Underwater Alien Base at Guantanamo Bay   
i.    Increased UFO Sightings At Lake Erie Cleveland, Ohio   
j.    Lake Baikal—Scene of an Underwater Battle with Aliens   
8.0 NATO’s Top Secret Study   
9.0 Other Interesting Information   
Aliens and Volcanos   
10.0 Alien Technology   
a.    Alien Invisibility   
b.    Caret Alien Technology:   
11.0 Aliens on the Astral Plane   
12.0 How to contact Aliens   
13.0 Summary   

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