A 300 Million Year Old Civilization Existed on Earth 

Product Summary
The evidence from out of place artifacts that a civilization existed on Earth 300 million years ago. And what that society might have been like.


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A 300 million year old face

What this book is all about

The thesis of this book is that there was a civilization of intelligent beings existing on Earth over 300 million years ago. I previously collected information to write two books on out of place artifacts (OOPAs) and a book on Giants which evidence shows lived on this Earth millions of years ago.

While writing my book titled “The History of Intelligent Life On Earth from Millions of Years Ago Till Present” and generating a timeline on ancient OOPAs found around the Earth, I found an interesting pattern. It turns out that a large number of these objects were found around 300 million years ago mostly in coal mines and seams.

All of these objects from the same time period provide good circumstantial evidence that a worldwide civilization existed at that time. Given the millions of years which have elapsed since then we are lucky to find even the few OOPAs we have records of which were preserved in coal and rock.

In this book I put together the evidence and do my best to answer questions like: What did the world look like then? What were the attributes and culture of this society? What types of beings were part of this civilization? And other relevant questions.

It may be hard to believe that intelligent life existed back then but we need to be objective to follow where the evidence takes us.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 The Carboniferous and Permian   
2.1 The Permian Period   
2.2 What the Earth Looked Like   
3.0 Giants in the Earth Long Ago   
3.1 The Meister Print-505-590 Million Years Old   
3.2 Human Footprints in Rock-150 Million Years Old   
3.3 Human & Dino Footprints-100 Million Years Old   
3.4 Ancient Giant Footprints-200 Million Years Old   
4.0 Out of Place Objects from that Era   
4.1 Iron Mask of a Face-300 Million Years Old
4.2 Ancient Modern Tools-300 Million Years Old   
4.3 Mechanical Part-300 Million Years Old   
4.4 Wheel in Coal Mine- 300 Million Years Old   
4.5 Ancient Screw-300 to 320 Million Years Old   
4.6 Iron Pot from Oklahoma-312 Million Years Old   
4.7 Mysterious Bell-298 to 320 Million Years Old   
4.8 Gold Thread-320 to 360 Million Years Old   
4.9 France-Tools in Rock-300 Million Years Old   
4.10 Crosbyton Texas Objects 300 Million Years Old   
5.0 More Artifacts of Similar Ages   
5.1 The Dorchester Pot-500 Million Years Old   
5.2 The London Hammer-400 to 500 Million Years Old   
5.3 Drill found in Coal   
6.0 Some Possible Ruins from that Era   
6.1 The Lena Pillars   
6.2 Arakulski Shihan, Russia   
6.3 Gornia Shoria, Russia   
7.0 This Ancient Civilization’s Life and Purpose   
8.0 Summary   
9.0 Bibliography   

Wheel in the wall of a Coal Mine

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