18 Long Lived Communities around the World

Product Summary
A review and analysis of 18 long lived communities all over the world and what they have in common due to diet and lifestyle.


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What this Book is all about:

This book is about communities and cities around the world where people live to very old ages.
It is divided into two groups. Those communities who have the longest lived peoples in the world. Lots of lifestyle and diet data is included for them.

The second group are another set of communities which have high average ages which people live to but are not quite the outliers that the first group is.

I’ve also tried to provide some general lifestyle and diet guidelines for each group to give an idea of why these places are different for longevity purposes.

The first four communities were also profiled in my book “Diets and Lifestyles of the World's Oldest Peoples & 32 Longevity Recipes” which goes into lot of details about these four locations including traditional recipes.

Overall, I think you will get a better idea of what the reasons people live a long time in these locations around the world which may give you ideas about adapting your lifestyle and diets to have maximum longevity.

Four of the Highest Longevity Communities are:

Okinawa, Japan

• The Republic of Abkhazia next to So. Russia

• Vilcabamba, Ecuador

• Hunza People of northern Pakistan

Each of these communities are large enough in population and have a long history of long lived persons to represent unique lifestyles and dietary habits.

We researched each of these communities in detail and found some amazing commonalities !

Even though each community is a lot different--there are many lifestyle focuses and dietary standards that they all do.

(The Mountain Valleys of the Hunzas)

The Chapter list from the book:

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Communities with Extraordinary Life Spans
2.1 Okinawa, Japan
2.2 Abkazia in The Caucuses
2.3 Vilcabamba, Ecuador
2.4 The Hunzas of Northern Pakistan
2.5 Sardinia, Italy
2.6 Nicoya, Costa Rica
2.7 Ikaria, Greece
2.8 Loma Linda, California
3.0 What these Communities Have In Common
4.0 Long Average Life Expectancy Locations
4.1 Monaco
4.2 Macau
4.3 San Marino, Italy
4.4 Iceland
4.5 Australia
4.6 Andorra
4.7 Guernsey Island
4.8 Israel
4.9 Hong Kong
4.10 Singapore
5.0   Summary
6.0   Bibliography

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