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Spiritual and Longevity Overviews
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The Reality of Physical Immortality and Extreme Longevity: (Martin K. Ettington)
An explanation of how people can live well beyond 130 years old. Includes theory and examples of very long lived persons. (10:10 mins)
$3.00 USD
Records of Very Long Lived Persons from 130-900 years old and more: (Martin K. Ettington)
A video on the history and details of long lived persons over the age of 130 provides some real world examples on persons who have lived to extreme ages. A summary of  commonalities to their longevity is also included.  (17:36 mins)
$19.95 USD
Longevity Through Synchronization of Spiritual, Energy, and Physical Bodies: (Martin K. Ettington) Video explains how long term stable health and extreme longevity work. Approach is based on long term study, experiences, and long lived person’s examples (7:25 mins) $14.95 USD
The Spirit and Science: (Martin K. Ettington) An overview of how science and the spirit have a lot of commonality. Lecture and discussion of the merging of western science and beliefs about the timeless and space less spirit (16:26 mins) $14.95 USD
Energy Body Evidence: (Martin K. Ettington) Evidence for the energy body including Kirlian photographs, and some simple exercises to move the vital force in your body and to see Auras (13:05 mins) $14.95 USD
Enlightenment and Immortality: (Martin K. Ettington & Dennis S. Watts) A discussion by two presenters about the relationship between enlightenment and immortality and why they are very closely tied to each other. The importance of unconditional love is also discussed.
(22:40 mins)
$14.95 USD
The Emerald Tablets by Thoth the Atlantean: (Dennis S. Watts) Ancient teachings from thousands of years ago which also focus on immortalizing your body. “When the body is in perfect balance it may never be touched by the finger of death” (15:10 mins) $14.95 USD
The Subconscious Death Urge: (Martin K. Ettington) Why we are all programmed to die and how we can release ourselves from this subconscious death wish. How our civilization expects to die by a certain age and how we can change that deep down belief in death. (10:17 mins) $14.95 USD
Purchase all overview videos in one package: Includes all of the above overview videos which can be downloaded from a single web page $59.00 USD
Vital Forces Longevity Exercises
Cell Regeneration Exercise: (Martin K. Ettington) Each cell in our body has it’s own consciousness. By  working on a cellular level we can use our will and direct the conscious will of each cell to rejuvenate it back to an earlier age that we choose (16:35 mins) 14.95 USD
Sacred Fire to Immortalize your body: (Martin K. Ettington) Sacred Fire is an ancient exercise used by adepts to purify the body’s energy of all waste and disease. The purification exercise involves using intense spiritual life force (7:42 mins) $14.95 USD
Visualizing your Immortal Future: (Martin K. Ettington) Most of us internalize a “death urge” which consists of our beliefs in limits on our lives. Through this exercise one can  remove those limits by visualizing an extremely long lifetime (18:56 mins) $14.95 USD
Chakra Energy Flow: (Martin K. Ettington) Being able to vitalize your body with life force is extremely important to staying healthy and keeping your body young. This exercise works on taking in energy through the crown and circulating it throughout the body. (10:25 mins) $14.95 USD
Exercise in Avoiding Accidents: (Martin K. Ettington) Technique to show you how to take yourself out of the time stream and see your own future. Allows you to avoid accidents or see positive events too in your probable future. (24:29 mins) $19.95 USD
Positive Affirmations to Live a Long Life: (Martin K. Ettington) Based on Harry Gaze’s approach to remove the death urge. Harry’s positive affirmations when done daily will lead to a more positive and longer productive life. (18:11 mins) $14.95 USD
Balance Meditation: (Dennis S. Watts) The application of the principles of balance from the Emerald Tablets. Helps with connection to the spirit and immortalizing of the body and memory stability in transition through death (28:48 mins) $14.95 USD
Purchase all the above exercise videos in one package: Includes all of the above exercises which can be downloaded from a single web page $59.00 USD
Natural Health Concepts and Tips
Natural Health Concepts and Tips-Part 1: (Dennis S. Watts) Healing super foods,  and detoxification of the body. Detoxification includes many specific recommendations and products to help clean up your body. (15:23 mins) $14.95 USD
Natural Health Concepts and Tips-Part 2: (Dennis S. Watts) Why fructose should be removed from your diet, relationship of fructose to Uric acid, diseases caused by fructose and why Fructose is a poison (14:42 mins) $14.95 USD
Natural Health Concepts and Tips-Part 3: (Dennis S. Watts) Life style intervention, taking a walk barefoot, the grounding effect, and hormonal rejuvenation. (12:27 mins) $14.95 USD
Natural Health Concepts and Tips-Part 4: (Dennis S. Watts) Alkanlizing your body, devices to do so, the importance of water, and re-mineralization. (22:42 mins) $14.95 USD
Natural Health Concepts and Tips-Part 5: (Dennis S. Watts) Tri vortex nutrients and devices and how they work, gene protection and repair, telomeres and how they affect your longevity, and various products which help repair your telomeres. (14:47 mins) $14.95 USD
Natural Health Concepts and Tips-Part 6: (Dennis S. Watts) What causes gray hair, remedies for gray hair, healing fractal call, immune modulation and cell suppression, scalar physical and spiritual cleansing, nano wands and zero point energy, various types of zero point energy wands, and scalar &  spiritual cleansing. (13:09 mins) $14.95 USD
Purchase all Natural Health Concepts and Tips lectures in one package: $59.00 USD