Bible of the Undead

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This very rare book is about the author’s experiences with spiritual development, premonitions, the dead, and secret exercises on how to become immortal.


Bible of the Undead

I’m very excited to be able to offer you this very rare book about spiritual development, psychic experiences, foretelling the future, and immortality.

Here is what the Author says in his own words:

"I, Donald Conway Barrie, do swear upon my honour that everything in my book is true, not exaggerated, and not in any way a product of my imagination.

As I’ve stated in my book “Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide”, there are many examples of people living over 150 years old, and lots of evidence that persons can live hundreds and even thousands of years. Donald Barrie confirms this belief and provides specific approaches and exercises to achieve immortality.

Barrie spent a  lifetime on in-depth research, trial and error, in experimentation and prayer,  plus his actual death in a doctors office and his return to life, bringing back with him first hand experience of God-Power and how to use it to transform your present life and circumstances.

Fear of everything and anything can be removed from your mind now and forever. The ability to cure yourself of disease, poverty, failure is YOURS NOW. The way to arm yourself against these evils, and protect those around you, your loved ones, your property - a power greater than the might of the atom bomb - is yours NOW.

Advanced Adept Dr D.C. Barrie writes:

"Death Can Be Avoided" 'At this moment there are persons on this planet who have lived in the same physical bodies for THOUSANDS OF YEARS - persons who have not aged and have not died".


"But let me make this absolutely clear”, says Dr Barrie, "the fact of earthly agelessness is not a possibility for all humanity. Far from it people living forever is not in society's interest. And apart from that, death is in the natural order of things: birth, maturity and death is nature's inescapable cycle. Yet Nature can be cheated by the men and women who can suspend her laws." “It took me years to pluck up the courage to write this."

"I know that publishing it is going to cost me the respect of many people, and worse, some will think I have taken leave of my senses. But I, Dr Barrie, do swear upon my honour that everything in my book is true, not exaggerated, and not in any way the product of my imagination. I have even taken the unusual steps of having two psychologists test me, and who found me ‘normal’. I am not a liar, nor a wishful thinker. I do not hallucinate. I am healthy in mind and body, and approach life with a robust sense of humour. I belong to two fraternal organizations both of which thoroughly investigate members and demand the highest moral and ethical standards. I say all this not to 'blow my trumpet' but so that you may not think me insane when I explain how it is possible for some to live thousands of years in the same body."

Leonard Orr is a well known author who has written on extensively on immortality met the author Donald C. Barrie and had this to say:
    I came across a Methodist minister in Binghamton, New York who wrote a
    book called The Bible of the Undead. He had met a Western immortal in the
    Western world. With that minister it was like he had met a freak. He had
    no question about the fact that this person was immortal. He had several
    meetings with him. The lifestyle of that immortal - and I ran across him
    through Robert Monroe - Robert Monroe also met him on the astral plain a
    couple of times. I had a talk with him about it once and his lifestyle
    was basically to hide his immortality. I guess he had been mistreated
    enough times so that he realized that it wasn’t good for his health to
    let it be known how old he was. He’s probably about 500 to 1,000 years
    old and just keeps running around, doing his thing and living in the
    world. And only reveals himself to people when he feels they are ready
    for it. He stays anonymous.

Dr. Barrie writes: "Never before have I revealed I have been privy to the most powerful knowledge- the ‘forbidden knowledge' of what are called 'the magical arts'.


"At the age of 12 I was studying alchemy, black and white magic, and reading Sanskrit and Sumerian! My life has been a journey into the unknown, the forbidden, the terrifying, and the fabulous!". (Barrie spent much of his youth at the New York public library reading on the paranormal.)

"ONLY A VERY FEW ADVANCED ADEPTS HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE THAT I NOW REVEAL IN MY BOOK. But my book is not a manual of 'advanced instructions' - God forbid! I want to show ordinary people - those who are hungry for truth - the true facts concerning life, death, God, prayer, and the nature of the universe! It PROVES the existence of God and the existence of life after death! It does not give you 'mumbo jumbo', but thrilling knowledge that you can put into IMMEDIATE PRACTICAL USE!'


"My book shows who and what God is; how to factually prove the existence of God for yourself, what ghosts are and how to exorcise them; what are poltergeists and the source of their power; and the grand secret of the immortal Great Concealed Adepts, those individuals who, unknown to those around them who think they are ordinary mortals, have defied death!"

Depending upon your willingness to do spiritual, energy, and physical practices, you can decide how long you will live.

Physical immortality is not for everyone. Dr Barrie has risked ridicule to prove that death is not inevitable. Death should be a matter of choice - not compulsion! It is God's plan that people die, but He doesn't make death compulsory!

Not everyone would want to live forever; for those Dr Barrie explains how to die ONLY WHEN THEY ARE READY FOR IT.

He explains precisely what happens after death; the nature of death; your first experiences immediately after death; and how to instantly feel 'at home' on the 'Other Side'. Dr Barrie was once clinically dead - he reveals exactly what happened whilst he was in this state.

Most important of all, he explains HOW to avoid death!!!
About Donald C Barrie M R E, D.D., Th.D.

Dr Barrie was born in Buffalo, N.Y. in 1905. As an actor he starred in the first 'Talkie' pictures, he worked vaudeville as a Mind Reader and Crystal Gazer, the amazing experiences of this period he relates in his book; he has scripted and produced his own plays; was vice-president of a Texas corporation, has published a newspaper, has owned an art gallery and restaurant, written a novel, lectured before the world famous parapsychologist Dr Rhine at Duke University in Durham, N C and has also patented some of his own inventions.

His novel Phoebe and the MacFarlane Mystery was published by the prestigious Lothrop, Lee & Shephard, Inc of New York, and twice he has been offered two awards by the MacDonald Foundation in honour of this book. But nobody would publish this book so Dr Barrie became a book publisher! He called his book THE BIBLE OF THE DEAD and described it as 'A Bible devoted to factual truth, answering all questions of life, death, and the afterlife A practical prove it-right-now-or-leave-it approach to the mysteries which have confounded man since the beginning of time A simple scientific approach to total fulfillment'.
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