Strange Objects Which Should Not Exist 

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There are many intelligently made objects found in coal and other rocks. These included hammers, vases, and lots more. Even footprints embedded in rock exist. They are hundreds of millions of years old. Which is impossible right? Maybe there is a reason. Read the book to learn more.

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The Dorchester, Mass. Vase found in a coal seam

What this Book is all about
Many objects have been found from the deep past which should not exist. We are talking about millions to hundreds of millions years ago.

The objects described in this book provide lots of evidence that they really originated in the deep past. These things include metal containers found in seams of coal, and spark plugs encased in rock which should not exist.

There are also ancient footprints of giants which were created before land animals are believed to have existed.

This information along with that from my previous books on ancient civilizations leads to the startling conclusion that an ancient race of giants existed in the distant past.

Learn more about what these objects are and how they all tie together to create a vision of an amazing past of civilization on Earth.

Hammer with wooden handle in Rock

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 The Coso Artifact-500,000 Years Old   
3.0 An Ancient Figurine-2 Million Years Old   
4.0 Letters Inside Marble-8 Million Years Old   
5.0 Mortar and Pestal-33 to 55 Million Years Old   
6.0 The Saltsburg Cube-60 Million Years Old   
7.0 The Creator Map-100 Million Years Old   
8.0 Ancient Modern Tools-300 Million Years Old   
9.0 Mechanical Part-300 Million Years Old
10.0 Wheel in Coal Mine-300 Million Years Old  
11.0 Ancient Screw-300 to 320 Million Years Old   
12.0 Pot from Oklahoma-312 Million Years Old   
13.0 Mysterious Bell-323 to 298 Million Years Old
14.0 Gold Thread-320 to 360 Million Years Old   
15.0 The London Hammer-400 to 500 Million Years Old   
16.0 Metal Spheres-2.8 Billion Years Old   
17.0 Objects of Undetermined Ages   
17.1The Dropa Stones   
17.2 Metallic Vase from Dorchester Mass.   
17.3 Metallic Tubes   
17.4 Gold Chain   
17.5 Drill found in Coal   
18.0 Human & Dino Footprints-100 Million Years Old   
19.0 Ancient Giant Footprints-200 Million Years Old   
20.0 The Carboniferous Era   
21.0 Theories About Anomalous Objects   
22.0 Summary   
23.0 Bibliography   
24.0 Index   

Drill in Piece of Coal

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