Secrets of Longevity, the Paranormal, Spiritual Development, Aliens and Space, Ancient Civilizations, and More

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I've discovered many secrets from my research and experiences in many unusual subjects. These subjects include longevity, the paranormal,spiritual development, aliens and space, ancient civilizations, and much more. Learn about these unusual conclusions and where you can read the details. Download this Ebook for FREE !

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What This Book is About

The Title of this book is not just a boast since I have uncovered many secrets from my research, reading, and experiences. I’ve written over 75 books from my research on a variety of topics. Being an Engineer and writing about non-technical and subjective subjects gives me an unusual point of view. My research has given me some unusual perspectives on the topics I’ve researched and I think you will be fascinated.

This book is organized as follows:

Secrets of Longevity& Immortality

Some of the conclusions I’ve drawn from my ten years of research on Longevity. This includes the “10 Principles of Personal Longevity which I developed and info about my online training program.
Secrets of the Paranormal   

Having had many paranormal experiences in my life and having gone through spiritual development and paranormal abilities training-there have been many things I’ve learned. My experiences with prophecy have saved my life.

Secrets of Spirituality and Enlightenment

Spiritual development is the path to a greater realization of who you are (Paranormal abilities are really a side effect of spiritual development.) What is enlightenment like? And how might a life of spiritual growth be lived?

Secrets of Ancient Civilizations and Megaliths

My book in 2018 on the real Atlantis also led me to study many ancient civilizations and megaliths. Giants were involved in human pre-history too. What are the undiscovered secrets of ancient civilizations and humanity?

Secrets of Space Exploration and Aliens   

Aliens live among us and governments have a wealth of alien technology they have been developing for over 50 years. Also, how would we go about building space colonies or moon bases? And how would those structures evolve?

Secrets of Survival

How to survive and situation and 33 stories of real survival situations.

Miscellaneous Secrets and Subjects   

Did you know that some people have real time travel experiences? Some involve cuts in the fabric of time. And do you know how to think outside of the box? What are the benefits of doing so? And how can the Scientific Method be used to analyze experiential phenomena?

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 Secrets of Longevity & Immortality   
3.0 Secrets of the Paranormal   
4.0 Secrets of Spirituality and Enlightenment   
5.0 Secrets of Ancient Civilizations and History   
6.0 Secrets of Space Exploration and Aliens   
7.0 Living Thru Survival Situations and How to Survive   
8.0 Science Fiction Books   
9.0 Miscellaneous Secrets and Subjects   
10.0 Summary   

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