Accepted Science & Paradigms Which Are Likely Wrong

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There is much about Science which is incorrect or obsolete thinking. In this book many of these areas of controvery are discussed as well as accepted science which may not be true and evidence is provided to support my viewpoints. An exciting adventure into the unexpected.

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What This Book is all about:

As an engineer and student of science I try to keep up with publications of the latest discoveries and paradigm shifts in science around the world.

I believe that there are several big problems with science today. First is that much science is biased which might be because some scientists want to keep their point of view prominent and the others because many focuses of science are supported by biased funding. This will be discussed in this book.

The other issue is that many scientists limit their thinking to only support age old paradigms and refuse to accept changes to their theories or throw out evidence because it doesn’t conform their current beliefs.

In this book we will cover many issues such as the belief among many cosmologists that the Big Bang never happened.

We will also look at ideas we thought settled but which have lots of contrary evidence and anecdotal counter stories such as time travel and dimensional crossings.

After you read this book you may question much of what is commonly accepted by scientists in the world today.

The Big Big Bang Never Happened

The Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction   
2.0    Why Accepted Science & Paradigms May Be Wrong   
3.0    The Big Bang Never Happened   
3.1    Specific Evidence Refuting the Big Bang   
4.0    Can You Travel to Other Dimensions?   
5.0    Manmade Global Warming   
5.1    NOAA’s Temperature Data Fraud   
6.0    Dark Matter Doesn’t Exist   
7.0    Aliens Are Not Proven to Exist   
7.1    Evidence Number One-Footprints in Rock   
7.2    Evidence Number Two-Old Paintings   
7.3    Evidence Three-The Dogon Tribe   
8.0    Insects Can’t be Intelligent   
9.0    Problems with the Standard Model   
10.0    Life Can’t Exist Deep in the Earth   
11.0    Can People Time Travel?   
12.0    Civilization On Earth is Recent   
12.1    Large Constructions in the Deep Past   
12.2    Giants in the Earth   
12.3    Civilization 300 Million Years Ago   
13.0    That Mars Travel Takes Months or Years   
14.0    How Long Can We Live?   
15.0    Cryptids (Like Bigfoot) Really Do Exist   
16.0    Genius is Only for a Few   
17.0    Little People Are Just a Myth    
17.1    Flores Man in Indonesia    
17.2    Other Little People Legends    
18.0    Memories Before Birth   
19.0    Scientific Method and the Paranormal   
20.0    Summary   
21.0    Bibliography  

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