The Ancient Underground Wall in Rockwall, Texas

Product Summary
Over 160 years ago a large underground structure was discovered. It seems to be from a time before civilization and possibly even man existed.


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An excavation of the Wall with a boy showing the scale

What this book is all about

The underground rock wall in Rockwall, Texas has fascinated me for years.

I’ve read everything I could online about it. Recently I moved from Los Angeles to Denton, Texas which is only about an hour drive from Rockwall. So I went there and spent an hour with the Rockwall County Museum Curator and learned a lot more about the structure.

Was also able to examine and take pictures of the wall section moved from the actual wall and reconstructed outside the museum.

In this book I’ve related the history of the wall’s discovery, excavations, interesting items and structures found on or near the wall, and information about possible giants who might have built it.

There are a lot of unanswered questions about this structure which still need to be learned. Those questions are listed near the end of this book.

Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction   
2.0    A Description of the Wall and It’s History   
3.0    A Timeline of History   
4.0    The Portion of the Wall at the Museum   
5.0    History of Excavations   
6.0    A Map of the Rockwall   
7.0    Iron Rings in the Wall   
8.0    An Arch or Window   
9.0    Steps In The Structure   
10.0    Carvings and Script on the Rocks   
11.0 Miscellaneous Pictures and Drawings   
12.0    Just How Old is the Wall?   
13.0    Did Giants Build it?   
14.0    More Unanswered Questions   
15.0    Summary   
16.0    Bibliography   

Part of the Wall Rebuilt Outside Museum

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