Radionics and Life Force Technologies

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There is a whole science focus called radionics devoted to building devices which can manipulate and focus life forces and psychic abilities. This book reviews the history of these devices,, what they are used for, and how to build them.

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What this book is all about:

Radionics is the term for machines which manipulate life forces. This is often for healing or increasing psychic perceptions.

The Author is an engineer and has many decades of experience with the paranormal and well as time learning and experimenting with radionics devices from the 1970s.

While radionics devices are often considered pseudoscience, those opinions don’t take into account the sensitivities of individuals who have incredible paranormal and healing abilities.

In my first year of engineering school at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York I met a man who became my mentor in the Paranormal and other things too. This was in 1973.

I learned to meditate and how to open my crown chakra to take in vital forces which allowed me to do many things including healing others.

In addition I also met another middle aged guy at a Psychic Fair in Saratoga Springs, New York. He was a researcher in the arcane field of Kirlian Photography.

In this book the history of radionics is discussed, some of the major influencers on that history, how these devices are used for healing, and even some plans for building radionics devices.

My hope is that this book will give you a good grounding in radionics to learn to use it productively for your own efforts.

A Kirlian Photo of a Fingerprint

The Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 My experiences with Vital Forces   
3.0 The History of Radionics   
4.0 Radionics Used in Healing   
5.0 Dr. Wilhelm Reich   
5.1 Orgone Accumulators   
6.0 Radionics Machines in History   
6.1 The Hieronymus Machine   
6.2 Electropoise   
6.3 Hulda Regehr Clark   
6.4 Georges Lakhovsky   
6.5 Antoine Prioré   
6.6 Royal Rife   
6.7 George de la Warr   
6.8 Tesla’s Machine   
7.0 Building a Radionics Machine   
8.0 Kirlian Photography   
8.1 What is Kirlian Photography?   
8.2 Building a Kirlian Photography Device   
8.3 Some Kirlian Pictures I took   
9.0  Healing Light Therapy   
9.1  Conditions Light Therapy Treats   
10.0   Summary   
11.0   Bibliography   

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