Fighting For Right (The Psychic Soldier Series-Book 3)

Product Summary
This book on the Psychic Soldier takes place in the years leading up to the US Civil War until the year 2000. Tristin is in many different conflicts and starts a space force to protect Earth from Aliens


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The Plot

Welcome to this new series about Tristin Morgan the Psychic Soldier and his exciting adventures growing up in the nineteenth century.
He learns to fight as a soldier and acquires real psychic abilities to help him in his fights.

These abilities are real and the Author has written extensively about spiritual and psychic development since he is worldwide authority on these subjects. (See my nonfiction books such as “God Like Powers & Abilities.” to learn more.)

In this book of the series Tristin participates all the way from the U.S. Civil War, through major world conflicts and builds a space force in the late twentieth century to help protect the Earth from Aliens.

Due to his learning personal longevity he is still a young man and moves into the future as he learn more about being a good soldier, leader, and spiritually transformed powerful psychic

A great adventure on the use of Real Psychic Abilities as a Soldier

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