The Professional Coaching Success Trilogy  (New February 2018)

Product Summary
Welcome to this compilation of three Books about and related to Professional Coaching. The first book is about why you should become a professional coach if you aren’t already. Then how to become successful as a professional coach. Finally, how to publish an Ebook, Book, or AudioBook to build your reputation and visibility. Below are descriptions of each book:

Learn about a Wide variety of Professional Coaching
Concepts in One Volume

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This compilation combines the following six books together:
Why You Should Become a Professional Coach-Professional Coaching is a very popular profession these days. What is the history of professional Coaching and why should you consider going into it? What are some pitfalls to watch out for? and more....

Building a Successful Professional Coaching  Business-Including a 90 Day Jumpstart Plan
How to Build your Coaching Business--Whether it is Longevity or Some Other Type of Coaching Business. Includes a 90 Day Jump Start Plan. Lots of valuable marketing advice for coaches

Creating, Publishing, & Marketing Practitioner EBooks
-The Author has written over 35+  EBooks and printed seven too. Learn how to write, publish, market, and measure your success with EBooks/Books/AudioBooks. This little book covers soup to nuts for practitioners who want to learn about the world of self  publishing.

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