Miscellaneous Spiritual Aids

Dare to Dream EBook By Sean M. Kelly
Dare to Dream - 9 Spiritual Lessons for Manifesting Your Dreams ebook, a step-by-step blueprint that reveals Spiritual Secrets to manifesting your dreams.

Price $19.97 USD


Direct Your Destiny EPackage By Scott and Steven Petullo
A whole package of information on spiritual development, protection, wisdom, and life changing insights
Multiply Your Wisdom and Insight, Navigate Your Fate, and Cash in on Your Karma with the Direct Your Destiny™ e-package!

Helps You Get Centered; the First Step to Awakening Your Awareness

● Gives you a quick and easy way to meditate and access your higher insight

● Helps you relax, release, and avoid stress and easily detach from mind chatter

● Helps you be more aware of and further trust your instincts

● Gives you an amazing tool that will help you go much deeper in meditation

● Helps you get your own answers quickly

● Helps you know what is the next best step in any situation

● Helps you know your highest and most appropriate goals and path

● Helps you identify your hidden subconscious fears and defenses that are blocking your success

Helps You with Spiritual Cleansing and Protection

● Shows you how to protect yourself spiritually, even against dark energy

● Helps you get spiritually clean and unclouded

● Helps you understand what those negative voices in your head may be and how to get rid of them

● Gives you a powerful script to help remove lost souls and negative energy that can greatly interfere with your life

● Helps you call upon God and Angels of the Light for assistance with any goal
Provides You with a Wealth of Knowledge for Your Spiritual Awareness and Personal Growth

● Goes beyond the law of attraction and explains other spiritual laws that will empower and help you on your path

● Helps you get on the right track in your spiritual studies and save massive amounts of time in your spiritual quest

● Helps you find the root cause of any problem, fear, or anxiety and finally eliminate it from your life

● Helps you gain clarity about the circumstances of your early years and how they may be holding you back

● Shows you what to do with the knowledge from The Secret and how to move beyond a standstill or plateau if you haven't already reached your goals

● Helps you gain clarity about conflicting messages from various spiritual teachers

● Reveals major spiritual myths to help you avoid New Age pitfalls
● Empowers you with the truth about the concepts of destiny, fate, free will, karma, reincarnation, past life regression, birth rights, and how much choice you really have in life (and what to do when you have no choice)

● Helps you explore your past lives easily and safely, even if you're skeptical

● Empowers you with inside information about subconscious blocks (and how to identify them!) that could prevent you from reaching your goals

● Helps you identify and resolve negative patterns in your life

Price $99.95 USD



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