Love From the Heart

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This book is about Love--what it is--the four main types of love, and Unconditional Love. Guidance and exercises are provided to show the reader how to reach a state of Unconditional Love. Also how a true heart opening experience feels. It's a wonderful blessing.


Love From The Heart

This book is an exploration into what Love is, the types of Love, and Unconditional Love.

What is Love really all about? How many types of Love are there?

And why do we spend so much time focusing on this quality in our lives?

This book goes into the history of Love, the types of Love as originally defined by the Greeks, and Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is a type of spiritual love for all persons and things.

We  help the reader better understand what Unconditional Love is, and exercises to help bring it into your life.

To experience love in all its many forms is what makes life exciting.

Without Love in one's life--we can be dull, dreary, and feel like  it's all not worth living.

If you are looking for more purpose to your life—then improving how love acts in your life will be worth it.

In this book you will also learn several different exercises focused on helping you experience Unconditional Love.

Having this experience is very powerful and will change your life--as I the Author can attest.

Everything that exists is both hunter and prey.
What is it that we hunt? Humans hunt for love.
We feel that we need that love, because we believe we don’t have love,
because we don’t love ourselves.
We hunt for love in other humans just like us, expecting to get love from them when these humans are in the condition as we are.
We are hunting for love, when the love we need is inside ourselves.
-Don Miguel Ruiz

How can we learn to experience Unconditional Love? Is it something that only Masters who practice for many years can feel?

Fortunately, the answer is no--Through learning basic meditation and doing the right exercises on the heart chakra it doesn't take long at all to start feeling the loving oneness of Unconditional Love.

An excerpt from the book about my own heart opening experience:

There was a lot of heat in my heart and I could feel the heat spreading throughout my body. I also felt more “connected” to everyone and everything than I was before.

This experience went on for hours and happened to some extent everyday thereafter.

I might just be sitting on my couch watching TV and suddenly my heart would open and I would feel wonderful and like my body was being charged with a powerful energy…

The book includes these chapters:
  • The History Of Love
  • Love in the Bible
  • Love and Affection
  • Love and Friendship
  • Love and Romance
  • Love Defined Through Quotes
  • Unconditional Love
  • The Story of Ram Dass
  • The Paths to Unconditional Love
  • Exercises in Unconditional Love
  • Loving in the Now
  • Imagine the Greatest Love in Your Life
  • My Heart Opening Experience
  • Additional Research

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