Longevity Improvements From Science

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Did you know that life expectancy has increased at a very steady rate of 3 months per year for the last 150 years?

This little known fact shows that many different changes in our civilization, medicine, and science have led to much longer lives than our ancestors would have thought possible.

So what does the future hold? What life extension work is being done now, and when can we see more extended lifespans?


The Longevity Series Six Book Bundle

Science has many suggestions for improving your Longevity

How about Red Wine Extract-Resverterol?

Here are some of the main chapters from the Book:


The increase in Life Expectancy

Long Lived Plants

Long Lived Animals

Types of Biological Immortality

Life Extension Technologies

Red Wine Extract- Resvesterol

Calorie Restriction Diets

Hormone treatments



Electronic, Digital, and Technological Solutions

Historical Life Expectancies:

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