The Mythical People of Ireland 

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The history of Irish Mythical beings including the Tuatha De Danann, Fairies, Leprechauns, Druids, the Otherworld, and more.
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What this book is all about

The ancient history of Ireland involves many mysterious beings who may have been aliens or had come from another dimension called “The Otherworld”.

This book examines the history of mythical people in Ireland such as the Tuatha Da Danann, the Gods of these peoples and their descendants.

The fairies include the Leprechauns- there being several different types, and the Druids who may also be descended from these ancient peoples.

What is the history of fairies and druids? Did they really exist? There are stories about all of these beings who may have all been inter-related.

Information on “The Otherworld” is also included. It is supposed to be a realm where these beings all originated and can return to. Some humans have visited and returned too.

I’ve also collected some stories about possible modern encounters with these beings. These may still exist in our modern world.

The Druids

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction   
2.0 The Tuatha De Danann   
2.1 The Legend of the Tuatha De Danann   
2.2 Where They Came From   
2.3 The Gods of the Tuatha Da Danann   
2.4 The God Lugh   
2.5 Was Lugh a Real Immortal?   
3.0 The Druids
3.1 Who Were the Druids?   
3.2 Mythology of the Druids   
3.3 Druidic Powers   
3.4 Merlin the Magician   
3.5 Other Famous Druids   
4.0 The Fairies   
4.1 The Aos Si or Elves   
4.2 The Solitary Fairies   
4.3 A Fairy Poem By William Allingham   
4.4 The Trooping Fairies-Changlings   
5.0 Parallel Dimensions   
5.1 Otherworld   
5.2 Tyeer-Na-N-Oga   
6.0 Evidence of the Little People   
6.1 A Story of Leprechauns in Modern Ireland   
6.2 Co. Cavan; 1980s; male; 11-20   
6.3 Co. Dublin; 1990s; male; 21-30   
6.4 Co. Mayo; 1980s; Female (third person); the witness (51-60) is dead   
6.5 Co. Mayo; 2010s; female; 31-40
6.6 Co. Cork; 2000s; female; 51-60   
7.0 Summary   
8.0 Bibliography   

Labby Dolman

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