The Commentaries of Living Immortals

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This book summaries an online discussion of possible living immortals. Twelve persons claiming to be immortal participated in the discussion. Some unbelievable information.


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What are the Commentaries of Living Immortals?

This all started a few years ago when I wrote my book “Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide” based on my research into very long lived persons and my theories on how one can extend their longevity to 150 years or more.

Part of my marketing effort was to setup different webpages where I had articles about my book with links to my website for sales. One of these sites also included a discussion bulletin board where anyone could post comments.

For over a year there were typical comments both pro and con about my book.

Then the comments started to change, and a variety of persons started posting who said that they were living immortals and made statements to me about their knowledge and what immortality is really all about.

Stealth says he is over 2800 years old and this is a little bit of what he wrote:

Hi. Marty, my small childhood was a good one peace full happy, my mother/father were simple farmers and my father was also a deer/sheep hunter/hearder, that was very long ago i was born in today its named Elgin in Scotland I did say born 2823bc but if you add the dates its 812bc.

 i used to live in a small house with a wooden/hay bed with brick firecplace/walls, and small kitchen area, They died young, my age being 17 they got sick/ill/hunger they were 45 years old. near the end of neolithic start of the bronze age britany. Back then the viking era. Then shortly after i was still a young Immortal aged 20 then moved to irland then new/fird deity named Lugh/Lugus till aged 160.

Chapters with biographies are included on these persons and more:

* Stealth  * WILIAM    
* Lu Dongben   * Herkules
* Old Man * Young
* Ullrs * Haedes
* Blaclight
What Stealth says about the other immortals he has met:

“I have met over 170 other immortals dating from 20,000 years old to 110 years old, from around Earth. Gods are in another league. I have met 15 Gods/Godesses …. most are norce/celtic Gods.”

“There is at least 2000 of us out of your 7billion humans doing the exact same as me ie jobs/names some still hide in mountans and forests.”
The book also includes these chapters:

Chapter 4: The Hierarchy of Immortals, Demi-Gods, and Gods
* Why can’t life/consciousness proceed to infinite power and age?

Chapter 5: What powers do Immortals have?
* Powers that immortals acquire over their long lives.

Chapter 6: A revision in our understanding of the Universe?
* The universe may be orders of magnitude older than we think and much more complex

Chapter 7: Revisions to History as we know it?
* The Garden of Eden in Africa? —Atlantis?...and other historical events.

Chapter 8: On how Mortals can become Immortal
* A technique Stelth provides to allow anyone to become immortal

Chapter 9: Discussion Commentaries by the Immortals
* The discussion commentaries are 134 pages of the most important comments on many subjects by the immortals

Chapter 10: Summary and Further Thoughts

* My analysis of the validity of this material and other conclusions.

This material is either one of the most amazing stories in history
or just a fascinating read!

What do I believe? I honestly go back and forth on my belief in this material. I believe that the commentaries are amazing stories and what is told is either true or the work of a genius writer.

In any event,  I’m sure you will enjoy reading them and they will give you plenty of food for thought.

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