God Like Powers & Abilities
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A fascinating book about super human powers and abilities which most people can learn. Includes stories of persons who had these abilities and exercises to learn them.


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What are God Like Powers & Abilities?

These are the abilities of the human spirit which are supposed to be impossible, but which really exist.

The abilities and powers reviewed in this book include Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Levitation, Invisibility, Invulnerability, Teleportation, Creating your future, Prophecy, Omniscience, and much more.

Why a book on this subject? I’ve read about these abilities over the years in many different books and articles (as well as my own experiences) and thought that others might want to learn about them in one organized encyclopedia of the subject.
Why is this book worthwhile?

This book will help the reader understand what is the basis for these powers before going into a full review of each one. Like most of my books, I take the reader through some background material before I get into the meat of the subject. In this case we start by reviewing the original source of God Like abilities “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”, and how these abilities and powers work.  

Then I provide an introduction to meditation and stillness practices, and how they help the seeker to get in touch with their own spirit

 After that we proceed into a discussion of the vital forces or “prana”, the energy body and what that energy is used for.

 What will I learn about these Powers and Abilities?

 In each of the chapters on individual powers and abilities I start by explaining what the ability is and how it has been used in the past.
Then some historical and/or modern documented experiences of the ability or power is given.
Finally, I provide exercises and practices to learn these abilities for yourself.

I’m not going to claim that anyone can learn these abilities and powers right away, but a clear path is provided on how to get there.

Reference materials to other books and sources which can help you learn more are also provided.
This includes links in the electronic versions of the book and a detailed bibliography or sources.

 Two Case History Examples of Superhuman Abilities from the book


Many saints and Yogic adepts have been said to be able to levitate throughout history.

Here is one record of Levitation:

Saint Joseph of Cupertino (1) (Italian: San Giuseppe da Copertino), (June 17, 1603 – September 18, 1663) is an Italian saint. He was said to have been remarkably unclever, but prone to miraculous levitation and  ecstatic visions that left him gaping. In turn, he is recognized as the patron saint of air travelers, aviators, astronauts, people with a mental handicap, test takers, and weak students. He was canonized in the year 1767.


A 37-year-old man goes into a bathroom and comes out, apparently, totally invisible.
He attempts to engage in conversation with several people, including his own girlfriend, but is ignored completely.
He asks her for a cigarette, but receives no response. At first he thinks they are playing a joke on him and so returns to the bathroom in anger. When he comes out again, it's as if nothing had happened. Everything is back to normal and he could be seen again.
Table of Contents
Chapter  1: The Scale of Believability
Chapter 2: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Chapter 3: How Superhuman Abilities work
Chapter 4: The Path to Supernormal Abilities
a. A Meditation Exercise
b. Understanding the Vital Forces
Chapter 5: Telepathy
c. Telepathy in Action
b. Two Person Telepathy Exercise:
b. Reading Thoughts from the Inside
Chapter 6: Clairvoyance
Chapter 7: Auras
a. Aura Colors Meaning
b. How to See Auras
Chapter 8: Astral Projection
Astral Projection Exercises   
Chapter 9: Incredible Body Heat
Chapter 10: Psychokinesis-The Mental Control of Matter
a. Psychokinesis Definitions
b. Psychokinetic Exercises   
Chapter 11: Psychic or Spiritual Healing
a. How Psychic Healing Works
b. High Level Spiritual Healing
c. Exercises to Practice Healing
Chapter 12: Prophecy   
a. Prophecy has been experienced by many persons in history
b. The Spirit lives outside of time and space
c. Some of my own future visions
d. Exercises to learn to do prophecy
e. Checking the Future for Problems
Chapter 13: Great Powers of Magic
Chapter 14: Spiritual Possession
a. The story of Varmus
b. A Personal Story of Fighting Possession
Chapter 15: Levitation   
Chapter 16: Invisibility   
a. Vanishing Stories
b.  An  Invisiblity Technique
Chapter 17: On Becoming Invulnerable
a. More stories of Invulnerability
b. An exercise to become invulnerable
Chapter 18: The Microscopic & Macroscopic
Chapter 19: Cessation of Hunger and Thirst   
Chapter 20: Teleportation
a. Gil Perez
b. Yuri Geller
c. Other incidents of spontaneous disappearances
d. Teleportation Exercises
Chapter 21: Bi Location
Chapter 22: Infinite Knowledge
a. The Akashic Records
Chapter 23: Time Travel
a. Remote Viewing through Time
b. Time Travel Stories
c. Exercises in Time Dilation
d. An exercise in time travel
Chapter 24: Immortality
a. Records of long lived persons
b. A Theory of how Aging Works
c. Helpful Practices and Exercises
Chapter 25: Creating or Changing Reality
a. Maya in Hinduism
b. Thought forms
c. Probabilities of the Future
Chapter 26: Spiritual Enlightenment
a. Defining Enlightenment
b. True Happiness
c. Cosmic Consciousness
Chapter 27: The Dangers of Psychic Abilities
a. Dark Groups Practicing Magic
b. Unbalancing the Mind
c. Spiritual Development Avoids Danger
Chapter 28: Summary

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