1)   What is the most valuable thing everyone should know about this site?


That this site was built with a focus on serving Spiritual Seekers.

We have a wide variety of books, audios, and videos on many subjects which should be of your interest.


We also have a lot of free resources and content for readers of the site including the following:


· Newsfeeds-of current articles from the Internet on subjects like Immortality, Prophecy, Happiness, Enlightenment, Free Energy, and Self Help. Click here for the News Feed Index or the News button on the top Menu

· Free Ebooks- Links to Thousands of Free Ebooks —At the ELinks button on the Top Menu

· Paranormal Groups-Links to many community resources to meet others with the same interests—see the Paranormal Groups page button at at the upper left side menu

· List Freebies-Many free ebooks—available from signing up for email newsletters, and on various site pages including the Paranormal Classics page.

· ECourses-Five Free Ecourses you can signup for on our ECourses page which also include lots of free ebook links in the ECourses

· Articles-on various products on this website (Under the Free Information Meny)

2) What is Portal of the Spirit?

The Portal of the Spirit on the top right of our main menu is our new top level Webpage which links all of our websites, blogs, and online offerings

together in one place. Click the below link to go there:



3) What are major new offerings on this site?


See  our new books written on Spiritual Abilities. These abilities cover Invisiblity, Teleportation, Psycholinesis, and more.


Also, Our new Wealth Building page offers some great ebook packages to help you build the financial success areas of your life too


Click this link for the wealth building page


4) Does this site have an affiliate program?

Yes--and we offer 60% commissions for affiliate sales of our products.

See for more information

5) How do I buy books and other products on this site?


Most pages have purchase links at the bottom of the page where you can click on a button to buy a book in a particular format.


Some pages have pictures to click on to buy the product.


All purchases can be made online with credit cards and many with other purchase options too.


6) What are the Premium books offered on this website?


I wanted to showcase my books on Paranormal subjects and also any other books of unusual interest.


Therefore I built the Premium books section of this website.


This section will be added to and changed as I have new offerings of potentially high interest for this website’s readers.


Click here to go to the Premium Books section of this website


7) Are there Bonuses for purchasing from this website?


Every purchase from this website is eligible for free bonus ebooks.


Our Premium books all have the bonus links on the download pages.


Read more about our Bonus Pack Offer for other purchases


8) What is the goal of this website?


This is also stated on the About Page.


Martin Ettington originally built this website to sell his own books on Metaphysics.

Then he realized that he could also provide a larger set of services for spiritual seekers and those interested in paranormal subjects.

Therefore, the website has been expanded to offer related products and services to help seekers with their spiritual growth.

9) What email lists do you have and why are they worth joining?

We have two email lists on this site.

One is for persons interested in the paranormal and offers the following:

This email newsletter is free and offers the following benefits:

· Downloads of chapters from many books sold on this site

· A free Ebook download on Enlightenment

· Regular updates which covers immortality, prophecy, happiness, and many other subjects for which products are offered on this site.

· Other special notices and offers to participants.

We also offer a specialty newsletter on Free Energy.

This letter also offers Free Ebooks, information on Free Energy, and other subjects

Of interest on Zero Point and Solar/Wind energy products.

You can signup for these email lists at the following link:

Click this link to go the our ECourse & Email List Signup Page

10) Is there are regular monthly Newsletter available?

Yes--Click the Newsletter link below to see the newsletters you can download:

Go to NewsLetters

11) What are ECourses?


We are offering five free ECourses you can signup for on this site.


Three are related to several of my premier books:


· Immortality

· Happiness

· Prophecy


The other two ECourses are related to making money on the internet.


The first ECourse is about using five free ebooks from this website to leverage sales of our Core premium offerings and earn commissions for yourself.


The other Ecourse is an entire course on how to start an internet business.


All five courses can be signed up for at the below link:


Click this link to go the our ECourse Signup Page


12) What are Rebrandable Offerings?


Rebrandable offerings are packages of digital ebooks and other products which you can buy and which offer full resale rights.


We offer several of these packages on spiritually related books in the Rebrandable Category on our site at this link:


Click here for Rebrandable offerings


13) Who do I contact if I have more questions or want additional information?


You can email me at