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Important Note: Joe Vitale, Charles Burke and I waited 10 full months before deciding to make this material available to the general public because of the highly controversial nature of the material. Do not read this letter if you're easily offended and you feel that the material presented contradicts your religious beliefs, with that in mind, please proceed at your own risk.

Charles Burke and myself at the Big Seminar

Charles and I had our eyeballs glued on Joe.

It was riveting...

I looked around a little longer, and finally found a tiny unadorned headstone with the words on top of it, carved out of stone, "P.T. Barnum." And on the front of it, still legibly after one hundred years, was the phrase Barnum loved, " Not my will, but thine be done."

Dr Joe Vitale, founder of Spiritual Marketing

Joe paused, took a deep breath and then he continued...

I knelt on the grave, the home of the body of Barnum, the world's most famous marketing genius, and I placed my hands on his tombstone. I suddenly felt an electric current drift into my body, a soft and subtle energy that entered my being as I knelt and held on to Barnum's marker.

It was a moment I will never forget.

Call it my imagination. Call it madness. I prefer to call it a bonding of souls, for in those cherished moments on that sunny day in Bridgeport, I felt like I was inhaling the essence of the man I was to write about. I soaked in his spirit, his entrepreneurial mind, his business ingenuity, his marketing bravado, and when I felt full and complete. I dropped my hands and stood over the grave.

"We can go now." I told my friend, "I have a book to write."

You might think that it's just crazy, but it all started to make sense.

I remembered what Barton said:

"Faith in business, faith in the country, faith in one's self, faith in other people - this is the power that moves the world. And why is it unreasonable to believe that this power, which is so much stronger than any other, is merely a fragment of the Great Power which operates this universe."

Barnum, Barton, Collier...

They were all in tune with this 'Great Power'.

Barnum once wrote"

"If one does right, his mind should never be disturbed by anything which he cannot prevent. He should be thoroughly convinced that if he does his duty, Providence will take care of the rest and never send accident, poverty, disease, or any other apparent evil except for an ultimate good purpose."

Collier sums it up best:

"The earnest faith in your Real Self, and your Confident Expectation concerning it's manifestation and expression in your work, your endeavors, your plans, your purposes, serve to bring into action your full mental and spiritual power, energy and force. It quickens your intellectual powers; it employs your emotional powers efficiently and under full control; it sets into effective action your creative imagination; it places the powers of your will under your mastery and direction. It draws upon your subconscious faculties for inspiration and for intuitive reports; it opens your mind to the inflow of the illumination of your super conscious spiritual faculties and powers. It sets into operation the Law of Mental Attraction under your direct control and direction, whereby you attract to yourself, or you to them, the circumstances, events, conditions, things and persons needed for the manifestation of your ideals in it's objective reality. More than this, it brushes away the obstacles which have clogged the channels of your contact with and communication with SPIRIT itself - that great source of Infinite Power which in this instruction is called POWER."

- Robert Collier, Riches Within Your Reach, Page 107

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