Ancient & Prehistoric Civilizations-Book Two

Product Summary
A history of many ancient and lesser known civilizations going back to Pre History. Many of these Societies are not ones modern archeology accepts. Dates from recently to 48,000 B.C. or even earlier. Some age indeterminate sites too.


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Tayos Caves, Ecuador 48,000 B.C.- 12,000 BC

What this Book is all about
There are many civilizations which existed in pre-history and most of them are now lost to our knowledge and ken. Many of them were lost when the Oceans rose during the melting from the last Ice Age. Some were just buried and have recently come to light.

In this book we examine many of these lesser known civilizations and cities and look at incredible extensions of how far back in history civilization actually goes.

Also, Giants were one of the races of early history. What did Giants have to do with these early civilizations?  There are also some interesting gaps in the histories of civilizations to examine.

Come on this journey to take an overall view of ancient and lesser known civilizations to build a new strategic overview of the past of human history.

Costa Rica Stone Spheres 1,500 B.C.

Table Of Contents

1.0 Introduction
2.0 An Ancient Race of Giants   
3.0 The Chilla Pyramids, Ecuador 950 A.D.   
4.0 Stone Jars, Laos 0 A.D.   
5.0 The Moche, Peru 100 B.C.   
6.0 Ancient Mexican Megaliths 1,200 B.C.   
7.0 Zlatograd, Bulgaria 1,200 B.C.-1,000 B.C.   
8.0 Aran Islands Forts, Ireland 1,500 B.C.   
9.0 Stone Spheres, Costa Rica  1,500 B.C.-500 B.C.   
10.0 Acre Geo Glyphs, Brazil 2,000 B.C.   
11.0 America’s Stonehenge, USA 2,000 B.C.   
12.0 The Ring of Brodgar 2,500 B.C. Scotland   
13.0 Sechin Bajo, Peru 3,500 B.C.   
14.0 Carrowmore, Ireland 3,700 B.C.   
15.0 Tiwanaku, Bolivia 4,000 B.C.   
16.0 Megaliths of New England, USA 4,000 B.C.   
17.0 Tatul, Bulgaria, Eastern Europe 4,000 B.C.   
18.0 Anta da Zambujeira, Portugal 4,000 B.C.   
19.0  Rollright Stones, England 4,000 B.C.   
20.0 Moreratatti, Karnataka, India 4,500 B.C.   
21.0 Khirokitia (Choirokoitia) Cypress 7,000 B.C.   
22.0 Doggerland, North Sea 8,500 B.C.-8,200 B.C   
23.0 Rock Lake, Wisconsin 10,000 B.C.   
24.0 Stone Wall at Theopetra Cave, Greece 21,000 B.C.   
25.0 Tayos Caves, Ecuador 48,000 B.C.- 12,000 BC 
26.0 Chinese Pyramids 
27.0 Megalithic Sites of Indeterminate Dates   
27.1 Kabardino Balkariya Megalithic Shaft, Russia   
27.2 Arakulski Shihan, Russia   
27.3 Tatucera de Tacuarembó, Uruguay   
27.4 The Krasnoyorsk Pyramid 
27.5 New Zealand Megaliths
28.0 Summary
29.0 Bibliography

Rock Lake Pyramid, Wisconsin 10,000 B.C.

(See Pyramid in center of the lake)

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