Aliens and Secret Technology- A Theory of the Hidden Truth

Product Summary
An overview of aliens, UFOs, and secret anti-gravity and aircraft technology with some surprising conclusions. Many interesting stories you may never have heard of before


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What this book is all about

This book is an overview of both the history of aliens and UFOS, as well as a review of hidden aerospace and propulsive technologies.

Where did these technologies come from? And how have they developed in the intervening years?

What are some of the Alien races which exist? Do we have a secret space force and are their secret bases on the moon?

 Also, I try to answer some questions of how likely some of these claims are—because some things having to do with UFOs and aliens are much more documented than others.

There are also details of many alien related and secret programs that most readers may have never heard of. The most interesting ones are summarized here.

The Table of Contents Includes many fascinating Chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction   

Chapter 2: The Probability of Aliens Existing
a. The Drake equation   
b. What Astronomy and Astrophysics tells us   
c. The possibility of Advanced Alien Life   

Chapter 3: How to determine the Truth

a. Evidence and Validity   
b. Public Data Analysis   
c. Objective analysis of Subjective Reports   
d. Scale of Believability   

Chapter 4: Subjects I’m avoiding   

a. Crop Circles   
b. Alien related paranormal experiences   
b. Alternate dimensions or realities   
c. Aliens on the Astral Plane   
d. Alien Abductions   

Chapter 5: The History of UFO & Aliens
a. Ancient grooved spheres   
b. Legends of the Annunaki   
c. Paintings on Stone walls in Northern Italy   
d. The story of Ezekiel and the flying machine   
e. Details of a fresco entitled "The Crucifixion"   
f. The Dogon Tribe in Africa   
g. UFO Sightings by the Puritans   
h. Sightings in the Nineteenth Century  

Chapter 6: The Nazi Bell   

Chapter 7: Electro Gravitic Technology  

Chapter 8: Roswell New Mexico   

Chapter 9:  Alien Bases on Earth   

Chapter 10: Zero Point Energy   

Chapter 11: Serpo—Missions to Other Planets  

Chapter 12: Caret Anti-Gravity Technology
Chapter 13: UFOS & Aliens Visitors   

Chapter 14: Types of Alien Races

Chapter 15: Types of Likely Secret Craft   

a.    The Pumpkin Seed Hypersonic Craft   
b.    The TR 3B   
c.     Anti-Gravity and Element 115
d.     List of 12 anti-gravity air/space craft  

Chapter 16: The Secret Space Force 
Chapter 17: The United States incredible technology 
Chapter 18: Summary-My Theory of aliens & secret technology

What is the truth about UFOs, Aliens, and Secret Technology

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