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Crazy, Strange, and Disruptive Ideas

Do you think "Outside of the Box" or do you consider unusual ideas not worth your time?. Maybe you need to open your mind to what is possible or what might be possible. That is the purpose of this book to "Blow Your Mind" and present some crazy ideas and concepts which might somehow or someway become true. At least they will help you think outside of the box. You will have some fun too reading these strange ideas. Come learn something you may have never thought about before..

The Science and Technology Five Books Bundle #2
Five books together in one bundle which includes: Aliens are Living Among Us, The Real Atlantis-In the Eye of the Sahara, Crazy, Strange, and Disruptive Ideas, Humanity and the Universe, and The 10 Principles of Personal Longevity
Aliens Are Already Among Us

Aliens have already visited Earth in the past and are here today. This book is a history of alien visits to Earth, and many stories and evidence that Aliens are still visiting us today. You may have heard of some of these stories but you might find something new too.
Humanity and the Universe

The Universe is a mysterious place. What are some of the most interesting facts about it? And are there things about space outside of Earth which we should consider? Lots of thought provoking issues about the Universe and Man's place in it.

The Personal Longevity Training Series Books-One Thru Ten

This series of 10 books is a transcription of the Online Personal Longevity Coaching Training Program which normally sells for $1,995 USD. These training course books offer all of the content in written form which is in each of the ten audio/visual courses on the Longevity Coaching Training server.

All of the videos, and reading assignments have been transcibed into these books to provide all the detailed instructions you need to change your life and learn how to live decades longer.

The Real Atlantis: In the Eye of the Sahara

This is a book about where the real location of Atlantis is. It is actually located in the Eye of the Sahara in Africa. A strong case is made for the location of this mythical city.
The Spirituality and Enlightenment Six Books Bundle
A bundle of six special books on Spirituality and Enlightenment. Each one with a unique perspective.
One book on a Modern Man's search for Spiritual Truth
What is the Enlightenment Experience all about?
What is Enlightenent from a Beginner's Perspective?
What is your Soul's Purpose?
Love from the Heart
and What is Happiness all about?
A Modern Man's Search For Truth-This book is a modern story similar to Siddhartha. How does a nonconformist find truth and enlightenment in today's world? Lots of paranormal, spiritual , and adventures in this book. NOTE: Three quarters of this book is based on true life events.

The Professional Coaching Success Trilogy-Welcome to this compilation of three Books about and related to Professional Coaching. The first book is about why you should become a professional coach if you aren’t already. Then how to become successful as a professional coach. Finally, how to publish an Ebook, Book, or AudioBook to build your reputation and visibility. Here are descriptions of each book:

Why You Should Become a Professional Coach-Professional Coaching is a very popular profession these days. What is the history of professional Coaching and why should you consider going into it? What are some pitfalls to watch out for? and more....

The Immortality Science Fiction Bundle-Here is a great bundle of science fiction books all about immortality in different stories. One is a series titled "The Psychic Soldier Series" and the other two are stand alone novells dealing with stories of immortals.
The Unusual Science and Technology Five Books Bundle-Five very eclectic books on science and technology to give you an unusual viewpoint on alien, technology, space habitats, future predictions, scientific method, and longeviity

These subjects are pretty far out and will expand your mind.
Future Trends and Predictions By An Engineer and Seer-What new technologies will change in the future? What about social and other trends of humanity.?

What big paradigm shifts will we have in our civilizaton?

Read about many trends in technology, social development, and more, as well as some detailed predictions of what the future will be like

Design & Construction of Space Colonies-One of the greatest adventures in the future of humanity will be to construct, work, and live in space based structures.

In this book we look at the history of ideas for living in space, proposed space colony designs, and technology.

The details of current life support technology on the International Space Station is reviewed, and what technologies will be required for development of large scale space colonies.

The Longevity Series Six Book Bundle-A bundle of six longevity books in a nicely discounted package. Learn many things about longevity from different perspectives in these books. Live decades longer.

This is incredible material and you will learn how you can live the longevity lifestyle too.

Also, in Commentaries a man who claims to be 2800 years old
Aliens & Secret Technology-A Theory of the Hidden Truth

An overview of aliens, UFOs, and secret anti-gravity and aircraft technology with some surprising conclusions. Many interesting stories you may never have heard of before. Lots of pictures too. Secret airplanes also shown including th TR3B, and Pumkin Seed.
Earth Protector (The Psychic Soldier Series Book 4)

In this book the Psychic Soldier leads the Earth Protective Force to Fight an alien menace which threatens Earth. Then he is involved with settlers on a new planet with lots of surprises including a devastating attack on Earth by aliens
Fighting For Right (The Psychic Soldier Series Book 3)

This book on the Psychic Soldier takes place in the years leading up to the US Civil War until the year 2000. Tristin is is many different conflicts and starts a space force to protect Earth from Aliens
A Soldier is Born (The Psychic Soldier Series--Book 2)

The book is all about the early life of Trevor Morgan the Psychic Soldier. He learns to fight, to use his intuition, and to become invisible. He meets incredible people and organizations.
Himalayan Journey (The Psychic Soldier Series-Book 1)

A free short story where we meet Tristin Morgan the Psychic Soldier as he treks through the Himalayas to meet an Immortal Master and to fight Rogue Magicians. He is already in school at the School of the Gods per Book 2
Building a Successful Professional Coaching  Business-Including a 90 Day Jumpstart Plan
How to Build your Coaching Business--Whether it is Longevity or Some Other Type of Coaching Business. Includes a 90 Day Jump Start Plan

Lots of valuable marketing advice for coaches
The 10 Principles of Personal Longevity and Personal Freedom-Personal Freedom is an additional benefit to Longevity Training. Learn how to master and control your own health. This book is the result of five years of research on longevity after my first book on physical immortality and longevity. It consists of the 10 principles of a Holistic Philosophy which will  improve your long term health, have improved happiness, and extend your longevity   
Personal Freedom-Parts 1 & 2 In Part One we learn the story of a young man who lost hope—then found it again.
This led him to a career in space manufacturing which evolved into a project building Habitats in Space.
There have been a lot of discussions about Space Habitats, but how would you actually build one and what technical and personal issues would arise in the process?
Part Two is about converting the Habitats to an interstellar spaceship to settle a new planet.
It is a long journey with major dangers along the way. A generational ship with long lived residents.
And what new abilities would people develop on a long journey to the stars?
Follow this adventure to learn the realistic challenges of an Interstellar Journey
32 Recipes & Diets and Lifestyles of the Worlds Oldest Peoples-This book is a study of the lifestyles and diets of the four longest lived communities in the world--and incldes 32 Longevity Receipes from these cultures. All of these locations have a higher proportion of centenarians and super centenarians per hundred thousand of population as well as many persons who live to their 130s-140s and even older. Diet recommendations for weightloss are also provided
The Personal Longevity Program website-The largest repository of articles on longevity. Over 800 to date.

Much more information on longevity training programs and other resources to help long term health, happiness, and longevity.

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Telomeres and Longevity-What are Telomeres and Why are they so Important for our body’s health?
This book provides answers to those questions, reviews current telomere research, and discusses supplements we can take to increase the length of our Telomeres. Detailed information on the Telomere supplements currently on the market is also provided and we make recommendations based on the currently available data.

Creating, Publishing, & Marketing Practitioner EBooks-The Author has written over 35+  EBooks and printed seven too. Learn how to write, publish, market, and measure your success with EBooks/Books/AudioBooks. This little book covers soup to nuts for practitioners who want to learn about the world of self  publishing.
Longevity Improvements From Science--Did you know that life expectancy has increased at a very steady rate of 3 months per year for the last 150 years? This little known fact shows that many different changes in our civilization, medicine, and science have led to much longer lives than our ancestors would have thought possible. So what does the future hold? What life extension work is being done now, and when can we see more extended lifespans? In this book, the major conventional technologies and approaches to life extension are reviewed.
The Enlightenment Experience--The Enlightenment Process is described in many historical and religious accounts.
But how can one understand what is really happening to the person who experiences different facets of enlightenment if it hasn’t happened to the reader? This is the challenge in writing about the enlightenment experience-to describe the indescribable.
Types of enlightenment experiences are categorized and written more as a flow of consciousness than from the analytical approach of most of my books.

Enlightenment and Immortality--We all live in a world of Pain and Suffering. Spiritual Development and Enlightenment practices offer a way out. Enlightenment and the possibility of Physical Immortality are inextrcably linked.  You want to learn to live a long time? Then you should also work on developing your spiritual connection to the core of your being.  
Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide  covers a broad swath on the subject of Immortality. The books starts by covering the  history of the search for immortality. Then a long chapter with names and details of long lived persons . After this comes a review of the scientific search for immortality. The last several chapters deal with the Spiritual, Energy body and physical  aspects of your body’s health and longevity. Some of these Chapters provide Spiritual Practices, exercises, and supplements to help you live forever. Advice is also given on attitudes and abilities to avoid accidents to help you in your quest for immortality
Love From The Heart-What is Love? How many types of Love are there? And why do we spend so much time focusing on this quality in our lives? This book goes into the history of Love, the types of Love as originally defined by the Greeks, and Unconditional Love.
Unconditional Love is a type of spiritual love for all things.
Here we try to help the reader better understand what Unconditional Love is, and exercises to help bring it into your life.
To experience love in all its many forms is what makes life exciting.
Without Love life can be dull, dreary, and not worth living.
If you are looking for more purpose to your life—then improving how love acts in your life will be worth it. The updated version of the book also has a complete description of the Author's  full heart opening experience and the blessing it has been in his life.
Learn Your Soul's Purpose to Live a Fulfilling Life-

Without a purpose in life we have no meaning.

Without meaning we have no happiness.

Without a purpose we might as well die—why should we go on living.

 This book explores life purpose—that everyone has one, and the sooner we take time to find our purpose—the sooner we will live a happier and more fulfilling life.

 Once you have found your purpose, then you need to set goals too. How is that done?

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The Yoga Discovery Series Package

Over the centuries, many types of yogic practices have been developed to help improve spirit, mind, and body. This new series of books on Yoga explores the history, traditions, and exercises of many different yoga practices to help.

Here are three books on Yoga in one package:

Yoga-An Ancient Art Form

Raja Yoga-Throughout the Ages

Hatha Yoga-Helping you Live Better


Hatha Yoga-Helping you Live Better-  Yoga has continued to evolve over the years and now there are various disciplines that are practiced. Yoga is a science that has transcended boundaries, language and culture and has got worldwide acceptance. It is estimated that over 35 million people practice yoga in America and U.K. The most common form of yoga practiced here is Hatha yoga.

The origins, the concept, the ultimate goal and the various benefits of practicing such an ancient art form are still unknown to many. Beyond the assumption that it started in India, the knowledge about yoga takes a dip into the unknown. There are a lot of intricacies that are associated with this art form that need to be understood to really reap the true benefits of this ancient art form.
Yoga-An Ancient Art Form-The word yoga takes us back to the ancient times and brings to mind a plethora of images of extraordinary postures that seem impossible to attempt, let alone master.

Yoga is much more than mastering the various postures or increasing your flexibility. It is an ancient practice that involves various physical stances as well as several mental and breathing exercises that cleanse our mind, body and soul.
Raja Yoga-Through the Ages-The origins, the concept, the ultimate goal and the various benefits of practicing such an ancient art form are still unknown to many. Beyond the assumption that it started in India, the knowledge about yoga takes a dip into the unknown. There are a lot of intricacies that are associated with this art form that need to be understood to really reap the true benefits of this ancient art form.

This eBook aims at enlightening you and takes you into the wonderful yet mysterious world of Yoga and in particular Raja Yoga. This eBook helps you understand Raja Yoga better and the basics that can help you get started.
Records of Extremely Long Lived Persons-How long can people really live?  We are all taught by family, friends, and our family doctors that we should live into our seventies and eighties then die in the normal course of events.

The truth is that there are legitimate records of persons up to hundreds of years old.
One only has to do the research. In this book I present extensive records of nine individuals who lived from one hundred thirty yto over three hundred years.
God Like Powers & Abilities is an encyclopedia of super human powers and abilities. The abilities and powers reviewed include Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Levitation, Invisibility, Teleportation, Creating your future, Prophecy, Omniscience, and much more. The book starts out with background material on the history of these powers and abilities, then an explanation of the spiritual path to develop the abilities.
After that there is an introduction to the life force energy and how these energies are used in our bodies. In each chapter about specific abilities, there is an explanation of the ability, case histories of persons who experienced them, and exercises on how to develop the power for yourself.
The God Like Powers Series: Human Invisibility
Is Human Invisibility for real? This is one of those powers that has been reported throughout history but seems so fantastic that it sounds ridiculous.
This book provides a history of human invisiblity, many stories about it occurring to different persons, current scientific research, and exercises to teach you how to become invisible yourself.

The God Like Powers Series: Invulnerability and Shielding

In this book you will learn about the history of spiritual and psychic invulnerability and shielding. Theories of how this works are also covered.

Finally, a series of exercises is provided to help you in your spiritual development and to provide a path which will allow you to obtain these powers.

The God Like Powers Series:Teleportation 

In this book you will learn about what teleportation is, its history, current scientific experiments, stories of occurrences, and exercises you can learn to teleport yourself.

The God LIke Powers Series: Psychokinesis

Psychokinesis is more than just the ability to move objects.'

The full scope of this power involves the ability to affect all matter and time in our time and space continuum. This is an incredible power which if harnessed can affect our world for good or evil.

Many examples of this ability have also been included in this book such as stories about Yuri Gellar—best known as the world’s greatest spoon bender.
The God Like Powers Series: Our Energy Body, Auras, and Thoughtforms The energy body and vital forces are critical to learning how to enhance your health, vitality, develop spiritual abilities, and for focused spiritual development.
This book provides history, in depth explanations, theories on the energy body, and exercises to learn how to take full advantage of these capabilities yourself.
The God Like Powers Series: Volume 1 Bundle:
Get all of the first five books of this series on spiritual powers and abilities.
These books include:
  •     Human Invisibility
  •     Invulnerability and Shielding
  •     Teleportation
  •     Psychokinesis
  •     Our Energy Body, Auras, and Thoughtforms
Out of this Universe is a Science Fiction book combining many elements of immortality, psychic powers, and the fate of the Universe, in a wonderful story spanning many ages of time.

The story follows the life of Steven and his friends as he proceeds through innumerable ages of existence fighting forces which not even the Gods totally understand. Many spiritual powers are developed and used in confrontations as part of the evolution of the characters in this story. A thoroughly enjoyable romp which will expand your mind and leaving you asking “How much more is there to existence?”

The Commentaries of Living Immortals includes the stories of many living immortals in their own words. Yes—I mean that—people who are hundreds if not thousands of years old and living in our world today. Their commentaries come from a discussion board I used for a couple of years to market my earlier book: “Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide”. There are over twelve distinct immortal personalities who posted on this board and they all have different perspectives on their lives as immortals. Do I believe all of this? I do have some skepticism, but even if it’s not true it is a great story. If true—it is one of the greatest revelations of all time.
Enlightenment for Newbies is an introduction to the subject of enlightenment for beginners. What is enlightenment? “It must be really difficult” most people think when they hear the term. The most popular image in the west about Enlightenment was the character Tyrone Power played in “The Razor’s Edge” made in 1946 and was remade with Bill Murray in 1984. The story is of a man looking for fulfillment who finally goes to India. There he finds an Indian Master and stays there for years. He lives in the mountains for a long time and finally becomes enlightened. I’m here to tell you that these common beliefs about enlightenment are way off base. Not that these images are entirely un true, but that they represent a real misunderstanding of the nature of enlightenment.
Removing Illusions to find True Happiness The history of the search for happiness is one of philosophical discussion going back to ancient times. Many philosophers have had views on happiness from at least the Greek’s time. The pursuit of happiness is even written into the U.S. Declaration of Independence as a right of every individual. Many wise persons belief that an individual’s search for true happiness should be the highest goal in one’s life.
In this book we review the history of the search for happiness. This is followed by trying to define what happiness is—and is not. Then there are several Chapters on illusions in our lives and how these impeded finding true happiness. Finally, a spiritual approach is provided to help the reader in their own search for true happiness..
Prophecy: A History and How to Guide  Have you ever had a dream that came true? Or a vision of something that seemed very real and it later came to pass? If so you may already be sensitive to the future. This book covers the History of Prophecy, famous prophets,  popular divination methods, then concepts about how Prophecy may work.  The Author has experienced many visions and dreams of the future and uses his experience and insight to help you see yours.
Using the Scientific Method to Study the Paranormal is an analysis of how the un-measureable can be measured. The basis of Science is the ability to test a Hypothesis. This can only be done by having instruments which can measure the phenomena  in question. If measurements can’t be made then Science can’t be conducted. After discussing some of his personal history with Paranormal experiences, the Author proposes some ideas to allow scientific validation of the paranormal which is normally a very subjective experience.
Concepts of Reality and how Science evolved are discussed.
Pursuing Enlightenment

As a student of the metaphysical and paranormal since I was ten years old, I’ve also had many paranormal experiences, read many books, joined different metaphysical groups, and meditated for many years.

In this book I’d like to help the reader understand what enlightenment is, what it is not, how one can find it, and the benefits of doing so.

A Compendium of Metaphysics and How to Guides
When dealing with Metaphysics and the Paranormal, there are no degrees or certified experts. Each person writing on these subjects has developed their expertise through their experiences, personal research, and learning over many years.

One of these beliefs is that we all have a core of the univeral spirit inside each of us. That by learning to be centered in this spirit we improve our happiness, health, and ability to do things which might be considered supernatural or impossible.
This compilation of six Metaphysics books is designed to show the author’s overall beliefs and recommendations to succeed in several subjects.

Bible of the Undead By
Donald C. Barrie
This very rare book is about the author’s experiences with spiritual development, premonitions, the dead, and secret exercises on how to become immortal.

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